CBM is committed to improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities in the poorest communities of the world

Programme to prevent childhood blindness in Nigeria

Representatives of the government, IAPB, CBM and Standard Chartered launched a programme to prevent childhood blindness and visual impairment read more

CBM-trained mental health nurses praised

An article in the Lancet Global Health has highlighted the “unique and important role” of mental health nurses in Sierra Leone read more

This image shows a little Haitian boy and girl standing in front of a tent

Humanitarian Inclusion Standards

This document provides guidance to include older people and people with disabilities in all sectors and at all stages of humanitarian action read more

Aerial picture showing the word inclusion written using people and blue, yellow and orange umbrellas.

The road to inclusive cities

CBM will attend the World Urban Forum 9 (WUF9) in Kuala Lumpur from February 7th-13th 2018. read more

CBM attends the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) Replenishment Conference

CBM will attend the GPE Replenishment Conference in Senegal on 1-2 February 2018 and has endorsed the IDDC inclusive education call to action read more

Linking Country and Global Advocacy in Support of Disability Rights

Various stakeholders compiled a report on the participation of DPOs in the national implementation review process of the SDGs read more

Visiting CBM's 'centre for inclusion' in Haiti

Members of the African and European Parliaments, advisors and members of CSOs visited CBM's 'Centre for Inclusion' read more

End the Cycle logo (black & white text: 'END THE CYCLE OF POVERTY AND DISABILITY' on a red background

End the Cycle

A CBM initiative promoting the human rights & empowerment of people with disabilities

Series on Disability-Inclusive Development

Sharing knowledge and promoting inclusion

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