Augusto Zambaldo

Physiotherapist, Tanzania

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Augusto Zambaldo, a physiotherapist from Italy, works as a technical assistant to the Moshi program in Tanzania.

His tasks include supporting management to restructure the program, exploring ways of getting more patients, starting production of seating devices for children with disabilities, investigating the possibility of local donors, and networking with other Government and other NGOs.

The CCBRT Moshi program aims at improving the quality of life of children with disabilities by detecting them within their communities, referring them (when needed) for surgery, following them up at home and supporting them with the needed devices for improving their mobility.

Many children with disabilities are also integrated into mainstream or special education and Community Rehabilitation Workers from the projects visit to make sure that they are well integrated and functioning.

Augusto has worked for CBM since April 2004. Previously he worked in Ghana and Kenya with two Italian NGOs as a physiotherapist, in a Leprosy Control project in Ghana for two years and in a Rehabilitation Centre for children with disabilities in Kenya for three years.  He also had a short assignment, with CBM in Malawi, in 1994/95, with MAP, in Blantyre.

Before moving to CCBRT Moshi he was in Dar es Salaam with CCBRT.

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