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Psychosocial disabilities are common. About one out of eight to half (12–48%) of all people will suffer from psychosocial disabilities at some point during their life. (Source: WHO)
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CBM core values

A young Tanzanian boy on a wheelchair surrounded by classmates - all looking happy
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Juma (centre, from Tanzania) is obviously a popular member of his class!

Our core values underpin the way in which we behave and go about our purpose. They are clearly expressed through our thinking, behaviour and decision making - together, they establish our working culture.

CBM core values, and a brief explanation of what they mean

  • Christianity - We aspire to follow the teachings of Jesus.
  • Internationalism - We are an international organisation.
  • Professionalism - We aim for quality in what we do.
  • Integrity - We are good stewards of our resources.
  • Communication - We communicate honestly and respectfully.
  • Inclusion - We promote and practise inclusion. The physical environment, legislation, communication facilities and our thinking and attitudes all have the potential to exclude and isolate individuals or groups from mainstream society. CBM will endeavour both within the organisation and externally to identify barriers, and implement solutions which lead to a more inclusive society.


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