Child Safeguarding

A free Pedriatic Eye and Ear Camp was held in Nepal days after the April 2015 earthquake.

CBM and its partner organisations have a critical responsibility to uphold the protection of all children and persons who place their trust in us.

Walking the talk

CBM is a child-safe organisation. 

In the process of achieving our goal of improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities in the poorest communities of the world, we are strongly committed to the safety of children who interface with our work.
Various research studies have shown over and over again that children with disabilities are three to five times more likely to experience abuse, neglect and exploitation, compared to other children. Regardless of this increased vulnerability for children with disabilities (who represent a large number of CBM’s target group), we are convinced that having child-friendly staff,  operations and programs is an attainable goal and that all children without exception have the right to be protected and safeguarded.

CBM requires that all staff and representatives (partners, contractors, consultants, visitors, goodwill ambassadors…) understand, sign, and adhere to our Child Safeguarding expectations that are articulated in CBM’s Child Safeguarding Policy and behavior code.. We also actively encourage and support our implementing partners to have their own child safeguarding policies or procedures in place.

In case you require more information about child safeguarding at CBM or have a concern/feedback in relation to child safeguarding, contact CBM’s Child Safeguarding Manager at


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