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Half of all blindness is caused by cataract, which means that nearly 20 million people could regain sight through a simple operation. CBM and its project partners did this procedure 644,000 times in the world's poorest places in 2010
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Dr Heiko Philippin

Ophthalmologist, Tanzania

Dr Heiko Philippin ©CBM
German ophthalmologist Dr Heiko Philippin has worked for CBM since 2007, starting in the eye clinic in Sabatia Hospital, Western Kenya, from where he ran mobile eye clinics around Kenya and trained local eye specialists.

Since November 2009, Dr Philippin has worked at the 'Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre' in Moshi, Tanzania.

Prior to joining CBM in 2006 Dr. Philippin worked at the University Eye Clinic in Freiburg, Germany.

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