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It is estimated that for every child killed as a result of violent conflict, three are injured and permanently impaired (IFRC Disasters Report 2007)
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Nine people (men and women) with a white eye patch each
A group of people after undergoing cataracts operations to be able to see again

CBM in Ecuador

CBM commenced operations in Ecuador in 1979 in the province of Esmeraldas in the cost. The Ecuador Latin America and Caribbean Regional Office operates since 1996 in the city of Quito, which is a legally recognized non-government organization in Ecuador and currently registered as an International Non-Governmental Organisation (INGO).

About Ecuador

Ecuador, located in the North West coast of South America, has a population of more than 16 million people (according to an estimate for 2015); thereof the 12% are persons with disability. Within the legal frame of the country, the National Council for the Equity for Persons with Disability (CONADIS, Spanish acronym), persons with disability are credited with a carnet, summing to a total of 401.538 reported persons.
In the UNDP, the Human Development Index for Ecuador slates the country in the position 98 (2014 data). The percentage of population living in poverty is 24.53% and 8.04% of the total population living in extreme poverty.

Where we work

CBM is present in three provinces of Ecuador: Esmeraldas, Loja and Guayas.

Our country priority thematic areas

  1. Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)
  2. Prevention of blindness
  3. Disability Mainstreaming and Advocacy
  4. Inclusive Disaster and Risk Reduction

Our objectives and result areas in Ecuador

  1. Persons with disabilities in Ecuador have improved access to inclusive healthcare, rehabilitation, education and livelihood services
  2. Governmental institutions and civil society organizations sensitized and committed with the inclusion of people with disability
  3. Regional Inclusive Disaster and Risk Reduction (DRR) strategy available in coordination with the Ecuadorian Government
  4. National survey of avoidable blindness and visual impairment and ECSAT available in 2016
  5. National CBR network strengthened
    Inclusive Emergency Response

Our partnerships

CBM has nurtured technical relationships over its 37 years of history in Ecuador. CBM is currently running five projects in Ecuador with the support of implementing partners and strategic engagements with the Government of Ecuador through Ministry of Health, as well as SETEDIS and CONADIS, and other relevant Alliances. Our partners running the projects are: OVCI La Nostra Famiglia, DISDE Foundation and Compartir Foundation.

Our thematic projects include:
  1. Community Based Rehabilitation including Livelihoods – 3 projects
  2. Inclusive Emergency Response – 1 project
  3. Support to national CBR mainstreaming in Ecuador – 1 project

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