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Providing affordable hearing aids on a world-wide scale is the most cost-effective way to reduce the impact of hearing loss
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What does CBM stand for?

CBM originally stood for Christoffel-Blindenmission because our founder, Ernst Jakob Christoffel, who founded CBM in 1908, made it his mission to support those without sight, regardless of nationality, gender or religion.

In English, this name was translated as Christian Blind Mission. Christoffel-Blindenmission then became CBM to reflect the modern reality of a global organisation. We now have over a century of experience working together with partners to advocate for the improvement of the quality of life of persons with disabilities living in the most disadvantaged societies.

CBM’s new brand was launched in 2007 after careful research showed that CBM could work more effectively, at a fundraising and professional level, if all Member Associations used the same unified look and core messages. Prior to the launch of our new brand, CBM had different appearances around the world, which gave the impression that there were lots of small organisations with the same name.


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