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Half of all blindness is caused by cataract, which means that nearly 20 million people could regain sight through a simple operation. CBM and its project partners did this procedure 644,000 times in the world's poorest places in 2010
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Why should I support CBM?

One of CBM’s ‘Core Values’ is to be good stewards of the resources that we are entrusted with. Both CBM and our partners have to fulfil requirements to qualify for funds, which helps to ensure that all donations reach the places and people that most need them. Specifically, this might mean supporting someone to see, hear or walk again, to feel well in themselves, to participate in mainstream education, society or community life or to earn their own living.

Many of CBM’s interventions are highly efficient, sustainable and can be achieved at relatively low cost, and CBM will always prioritise initiatives which support local infrastructure and contribute to an inclusive society.

Persons with disabilities in low-income countries have the same rights as others to healthcare, education, dignity and an independent living. When you give to CBM, you are helping to create a future of equality and opportunity for all.


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