Manu Van Dyck

Advisor on Orthopaedic Technology for the Great Lakes Region

Manu van Dyck ©CBM
Belgian-born Manu Van Dyck is an orthopaedic technician in a regional orthopaedic programme in Rwanda, Burundi and the Eastern DRC.

His task is to set up national, regional programmes in orthopaedics, such as the clubfoot programme (Ponseti), a programme of treating children with cerebral palsy and burns treatment. He also organises training programmes in orthopaedic technology, physiotherapy, occupation therapy, and gives technical assistance such as in the planning and equipping of orthopaedic workshops, supporting educational programmes.

This CPO (Certified Prosthetist Orthotist) spent 18 years as a managing director in an orthopaedic industry, five years of academic teaching combined with consulting activities, especially in Africa, and has been with CBM since 2005.

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