Matthias Widmaier-Maicher

Hospital Director, Uganda

Matthias Widmaier-Maicher ©CBM
Matthias Widmaier-Maicher from Bayreuth, Germany, took a Masters in Sports, and a Masters in Motology (Movement Therapy) before beginning his work for CBM as Coordinator for community-based rehabilitation in Kumi, Uganda early in 2003.

As Administration Director for Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services in Uganda for Persons with Disabilityin Kampala, Uganda, his job is to ensure the smooth running and development of the Hospital, provide the necessary support to healthcare staff and maintain and develop management, accounting/financial systems and tools for effective management and personnel management.

Before taking on the role with CBM he was Deputy Director of a residential home for adults with intellectual disabilities.

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How CBM works, with partners, to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities in Uganda



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