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There are more than 75 million people with alcohol use disorders and more than 15 million people with other substance use disorders in the world
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Papua New Guinea

A young girl from Papua New Guinea after a cataract surgery.
A young girl from Papua New Guinea after a cataract surgery.

CBM-supported work in Papua New Guinea (PNG) started in 1980. In 2011, the PNG Coordination Office was formed in order to be able to provide support to all CBM supported partners in the country.

Papua New Guinea is a Priority One country in the region (along with Indonesia and the Philippines). Ten projects are supported, representing a complete cross-section of CBM’s mandate areas:  medical eye care, education of the blind, prevention of hearing impairment, and community-based rehabilitation. 

Services for people with disabilities is mostly initiated and provided by projects supported by CBM.  CBM contributions clearly fills the gap in government funding and made it possible for CBR services to be developed and implemented and Special Education Resource Centre to be operational and survive.

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