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Deafness and hearing impairment can have profound effects on people of all ages. Helen Keller, who was blind and deaf, said “blindness separates us from things, but deafness separates us from people.”
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Global Programme Strategy

To implement its plans, CBM has an overarching Global Programme Strategy 2 (GPS 2 from 2014 - 2018) which targets persons with disabilities and those at risk of disability living in poverty in low and middle income countries.
With the help of the GPS CBM's work aims at the following priorities:
  • To improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities
  • To reduce occurrence of preventable impairment
  • To educate persons with disabilities aware about their human rights and help exercise them
  • Full inclusion of persons with disabilities in all aspects of life (societal, political and economic)
  • To encourage an accessible and inclusive development cooperation. 

Core areas of work

Our core areas of work focus on:
  • Blindness prevention and management of low vision services through comprehensive and inclusive Eye Health;
  • Disability inclusive Emergency Response, Disaster Preparedness and Risk Reduction;
  • Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) which is CBM's central programme approach to disability inclusive community development.

Feedback service for external stakeholders

CBM welcomes feedback on our operations and conduct as an organisation. All feedback, including complaints, is considered vital to CBM’s value of Professionalism. The CBM Feedback / Complaints Handling Procedures enhance CBM’s accountability to our stakeholders and ultimately strengthen our development work.
Concerns, complaints, suggestions or compliments about the standards of service provided by the organisation, its staff, volunteers or anybody directly involved in programme delivery, can be sent using the contact details below.

Regular mail:
CBM e.V.
Programme Department
Attn: CBM Feedback Manager
Stubenwald-Allee 5
64625 Bensheim, Germany
Please always indicate your full name, relationship to CBM and contact information. If you want to state a grievance or dissatisfaction, please include as much information as possible (who, where, when, what).
For further details please refer to the Feedback/ Complaint Handling Position Paper (English, French, Spanish).
The CBM Feedback / Complaints Handling Procedures are in place for feedback relating to CBM’s Programme Work.
Feedback about CBM Fundraising should be directed to the respective CBM Member Association. 

To file a report regarding corruption or fraud please use our Whistleblower System.
For  general questions about CBM, please .


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