Luc Pariot

CBM co-worker - Inclusive Development Officer, Madagascar

Nathalie Maggay

CBM co-worker - Country Representative, Malawi

Michele Angeletti

CBM co-worker - Regional Capacity Development Officer, South Africa

Maria J.E. Meande-Baltussen

CBM co-worker - Prevention of Childhood Disability Programme Coordinator, Ghana

Kirstin Lee Bostelmann

CBM co-worker - Regional Director, East Africa

Tom Bourez

CBM co-worker - Regional Designated Hospital Director

Davide Naggi

CBM co-worker - East Africa Regional Programme Manager

Professor Colin Cook

CBM co-worker - Ophthalmologist, Senior Medical Adviser

Tobias Pflanz

Field Communication Manager

Dr Julian Eaton

CBM co-worker - Psychiatrist and CBM Mental Health Advisor, Togo, West Africa

Irmela Erdmann

CBM co-worker - Medical Advisor NTD/Eye Care, Togo

Dr Daniel Etya'alé

CBM co-worker - Regional Advisor for Eye Health

Dr Fulvio Franceschi

CBM co-worker - Director of Medical and Orthopaedic Services, Tanzania

Dr Uta Fröschl

CBM co-worker - ENT surgeon, Beit Cure Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia

Martin Hahn

CBM co-worker - Regional Director for CBM Southern Africa Region

Dr Andrew Hodges

CBM co-worker - Plastic surgeon, Uganda

Michael Kirumba

CBM co-worker - Regional Director, CBM West Africa Regional Office

Professor K. H. Martin Kollmann

CBM co-worker - Senior Advisor for Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs)

Dr. Antonio Loro

CBM co-worker - Orthopaedic Surgeon, Uganda

Sergio Mainetti

CBM co-worker - Country Coordinator, Nigeria

Dr Heiko Philippin

CBM co-worker - Ophthalmologist, Tanzania

Rebecca Reynolds

CBM co-worker - Regional Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Programme Coordinator, West Africa

Hubert Seifert

CBM co-worker - Senior Advisor for Livelihood, Kenya

Malcolm Simpson

CBM co-worker - CEO of CoRSU, Uganda

Erwin Telemans

CBM co-worker - Project Director, Tanzania

Dr Moges Teshome

CBM co-worker - Ophthalmologist, DRC

Judith van der Veen

CBM co-worker - Programme Development Officer at the Regional Office Africa South in Cape Town, South Africa.


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