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In 2013 CBM continued to emphasise and develop work in advocacy to influence local or national policy on disability. 441 projects were involved in advocacy work and 490 projects were involved at the community level to create awareness about the rights of persons with disabilities.
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Luc Pariot

CBM co-worker - Inclusive Development Officer, Madagascar

Nathalie Maggay

CBM co-worker - Country Representative, Malawi

Michele Angeletti

CBM co-worker - Regional Capacity Development Officer, South Africa

Maria J.E. Meande-Baltussen

CBM co-worker - Prevention of Childhood Disability Programme Coordinator, Ghana

Kirstin Lee Bostelmann

CBM co-worker - Regional Director, East Africa

Tom Bourez

CBM co-worker - Regional Designated Hospital Director

Davide Naggi

CBM co-worker - East Africa Regional Programme Manager

Professor Colin Cook

CBM co-worker - Ophthalmologist, Senior Medical Adviser

Tobias Pflanz

Field Communication Manager

Dr Julian Eaton

CBM co-worker - Psychiatrist and CBM Mental Health Advisor, Togo, West Africa

Irmela Erdmann

CBM co-worker - Medical Advisor NTD/Eye Care, Togo

Dr Daniel Etya'alé

CBM co-worker - Regional Advisor for Eye Health

Dr Fulvio Franceschi

CBM co-worker - Director of Medical and Orthopaedic Services, Tanzania

Dr Uta Fröschl

CBM co-worker - ENT surgeon, Beit Cure Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia

Martin Hahn

CBM co-worker - Regional Director for CBM Southern Africa Region

Dr Andrew Hodges

CBM co-worker - Plastic surgeon, Uganda

Michael Kirumba

CBM co-worker - Regional Director, CBM West Africa Regional Office

Professor K. H. Martin Kollmann

CBM co-worker - Senior Advisor for Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs)

Dr. Antonio Loro

CBM co-worker - Orthopaedic Surgeon, Uganda

Sergio Mainetti

CBM co-worker - Country Coordinator, Nigeria

Dr Heiko Philippin

CBM co-worker - Ophthalmologist, Tanzania

Rebecca Reynolds

CBM co-worker - Regional Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Programme Coordinator, West Africa

Hubert Seifert

CBM co-worker - Senior Advisor for Livelihood, Kenya

Malcolm Simpson

CBM co-worker - CEO of CoRSU, Uganda

Erwin Telemans

CBM co-worker - Project Director, Tanzania

Dr Moges Teshome

CBM co-worker - Ophthalmologist, DRC

Judith van der Veen

CBM co-worker - Programme Development Officer at the Regional Office Africa South in Cape Town, South Africa.


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