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The SAFE strategy combines:
SURGERY to correct advanced stages of Trachoma
ANTIBIOTIC distribution to treat active infection
FACE WASHING to reduce disease transmission with
ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE to increase access to clean water and improved sanitation
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Good Shepherd Hospital

  • Cataract discovery and treatment
The 'Good Shepherd Hospital' is a Roman Catholic mission hospital situated in Siteki in Swaziland, 60 km east of Manzini. The eye unit is the sole provider of eye care for Swaziland, which has a population of about 1,1 million. The estimated prevalence of blindness is 1%, of which 50% is due to cataract. Glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy are the other leading causes of blindness.

The eye unit comprises an outpatient clinic, a ward, and operating suite. Finding Cataract cases is undertaken in the community. The ophthalmologist runs eye clinics and performs eye surgery at Good Shepherd Hospital and on outreach to Raleigh Fitkin Memorial Hospital in Manzini, which is the capital of Swaziland.
Siteki, Swaziland


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