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Meeting the Kuchis, a Pashtun nomadic tribe, while on an outreach to Charikar, about one hour's drive by car from Kabul
  • Eye Care Services
  • Mobile eye services and surgical clinics
  • Blindness Prevention Programme
  • Training centre for ophthalmic technicians and community health workers
The main objective of the NOOR Provincial Ophthalmic Care (POC) project is to provide high quality, affordable eye care in areas where it would otherwise be unavailable. Training in eye health was given to Community Health Workers throughout the country. Every week a team of ophthalmic technicians travelled to five different areas in Kabul Province and provided eye care to people for whom it was difficult or impossible to travel into the city.

The Dasht-e-Barchi day clinic where, in the past, patients were examined and treated one day of the week has now become a satellite surgical centre where patients are seen on a daily basis and surgeries are performed every afternoon. Over 13,000 patients were seen at the Dasht-e-Barchi clinic in 2010.  This clinic has been particularly successful in providing service to women who would not otherwise have access to eye care.

In 2010, eye camps were held in Gardez, Sar e pul, Zaranj, Bamiyan and Nuristan. 

Provincial Ophthalmic Care has also continued to provide logistical support to community eye hospitals founded by NOOR. During 2010 this programme saw 36,943 beneficiaries, performed 640 surgeries, and dispensed 4,487 glasses.

For more information on this and other NOOR programmes please follow this link.

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