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Accountability and Reporting

Whistle-blower System

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Whistleblower provides a confidential avenue to report fraud and corruption.
Following our Core Values of Integrity, Communication and Professionalism it is very important for us to ensure that the donations we are entrusted with are used properly. In today’s world, small fraud and misappropriation of funds are widespread problems across the globe and end up creating a massive drain on resources and efficiency. The diversion of resources or miss-use of power for personal gain compromises CBM’s core values and our accountability towards our beneficiaries, their communities and our donors around the world. We are committed to foster an organisational culture in which corruption and fraud is never acceptable and not tolerated.

As a matter of principle, CBM encourages its employees to speak directly with their superiors and in cases of red flags directly with Internal Audit. Should such dialogs not be possible or for some reason are not feasible, an anonymous whistle-blower system is available to employees, volunteers, suppliers and partners, regardless of location and time zone.

Confidential information regarding criminal offences, ethical misconduct or complaints pertaining to auditing, can be submitted in English, French, Spanish and German.

Additional Feedback and Reporting Mechanisms

Besides the Whistle Blower system, there are other reporting mechanisms as well.

CBM welcomes feedback on our operations and conduct as an organisation. All feedback, including complaints, is considered vital to CBM’s value of Professionalism. The CBM Feedback / Complaints Handling Procedures enhance CBM’s accountability to our stakeholders and ultimately strengthen our development work.

You can contact us:
  1. Via email or post for programme development feedback and complaints
  2. Via email or post for general inquiries

Via email or post for programme development feedback and complaints

Concerns, complaints, suggestions or compliments about the standards of service provided by the organisation, its staff, volunteers or anybody directly involved in programme delivery, can be sent using the contact details below.
By post:

CBM International
Programme Department
Attn: CBM Feedback Manager
Stubenwald-Allee 5
64625 Bensheim, Germany
Please always indicate your full name, relationship to CBM and contact information. If you want to state a grievance or dissatisfaction, please include as much information as possible (who, where, when, what).
We have a robust Programme Development Feedback System for external stakeholders - you can access the Feedback/ Complaint Handling Position Papers in three different languages (English, French, Spanish).
The CBM Feedback / Complaints Handling Procedures are in place for feedback relating to CBM’s programme work.

Feedback about CBM Fundraising should be directed to the respective CBM Member Association.

Via email or post for general inquiries

For  general questions about CBM, please email .

Accountable Now

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As a sign of our commitment to transparency, CBM became a Member of Accountable Now in 2008.

Accountable Now is a cross-sectoral platform of 27 international civil society organisations. Together, we strive to be transparent, responsive to stakeholders and focused on delivering impact.

CBM has signed 12 globally succinct Accountability Commitments, including effective management, ethical fundraising and multi-stakeholder engagement.

CBM reports annually to an Independent Review Panel, according to the Accountable Now Reporting Guidelines. Since 2014, reports rotate between full and interim versions as a sign of our high standards of accountability.

Learn more about CBM’s Accountability Reports below.


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