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Advocacy Annual Reports 2014

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Members with disabilities of the theatrical group 'Tibi' act out a short sketch in Lomé, Togo

Our annual reports detail our activities in 2014, and our plans for 2015.

Annual reports 2014

The International Advocacy and Alliances (IAA) and EU Liaison Office team (EULO) had a busy year in 2014. The key focus for 2014 was on the team’s work to influence the EU elections, the UN agenda on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and the post 2015 agenda at both the EU and UN level and also at different regional meetings. Our work also continued on promoting the CRPD and we were involved in supporting our allies, partners and Disabled People's Organisations (DPOs) in advocacy work on the CRPD.

The annual reports below give detail of our activities and the activities of our partners and allies. We would like also like to thank the CBM Member Associations for their contributions to the annual report and the important advocacy work they do at national, regional and international level.

Alternative formats

As part of our commitment to communicate our work, this year we are pleased to present that annual reports in a number of alternative formats.

•    The IAA report and the EULO report
•    Word document of the executive summaries of the IAA and EULO report
•    Power point presentation of the IAA and EULO executive summary reports
•    2 audio files with Lars Bosselmann, Acting Director IAA
•    Easy to read documents for the IAA and EULO report
•    French and Arabic translations of the EULO executive summaries

For further details contact:

Lars Bosselmann, Acting Director, IAA  email: Lars.Bosselmann@cbm.org


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