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hospital scene with several doctors discussing plaster casts
CBM Advisor and orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Norgrove Penny assists Dr. Ignacio Ponseti to put a cast on a child with clubfoot

CBM’s advisors are professionals who provide technical advice on the development and implementation of CBM-supported partner programmes. Their main tasks include capacity development of regional level experts as well as developing policies, guidelines, tools and standards for implementation.

Ensuring quality and access to expertise

If CBM, together with its partners, wants to achieve a more inclusive world, we need to ensure that we and our partners work in the most professional, evidence-based and effective way possible. Therefore it is necessary for all levels of CBM and our partners to have access to existing knowledge, as well as to build up new expertise. In order to ensure this, CBM works with advisors on global and regional levels.

Global Advisors are experts in their area of work, have a background and experience in development and put emphasis on passing on their experience and expertise to regional/ country level advisors and partners respectively.

The objective of global level advisory work within CBM is to consolidate and further develop CBM's work in key technical areas -
  • through benchmarked professional input and
  • by providing sectoral leadership and capacity building for an international team of experts.

Role of CBM advisors

The following roles and responsibilities are prioritised, in line with relevant strategies, for our regional and country plans and according to the available resources.
  1. Normative – development of policies and standards
  2. Capacity development of regional level experts
  3. Knowledge development
  4. Advisory role towards different parts of CBM
  5. Communication, advocacy and alliance work

Areas of expertise

Currently CBM works with global advisors in the areas of disability-inclusive development, disability and gender equality, accessibility, Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR), community based inclusive development, livelihood, eye health, ear and hearing care, physical impairment and rehabilitation and community mental health.

Each global advisor works with a small core advisory team and a community of practice for setting priorities and assuming the above mentioned roles and responsibilities in order to facilitate exchange and learning as well as to keep a wider community of interest within CBM updated.


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