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CBM in the 2013 Expo-Germany

CBM in the 2013 Expo-Germany
CBM's stand in the 2013 Expo-Germany 2013

CBM's Latin America Regional Office participated in the 2013 Expo-Germany which was held from 26 to 28 September at the Convention Center in Quito, Ecuador. The event drew a diverse audience who had the opportunity to visit CBM’s stand and, by participating in an interactive game, to learn more about our work and what it is like for persons with disability.

CBM’s work was presented in Expo-Germany

For several years, the German Embassy along with the German-Ecuadorian Chamber of Industry and Commerce organises a fair where German companies and organisations meet in order to emphasise the presence of German industry, culture and education in Ecuador. The Expo-Germany is an event that brings together diverse audiences and generates a lot of interest among the Ecuadorian population, who like to learn about Germany’s impact on the country's development.

This year Expo-Germany was held September 26 to 28,on the former Quito Airport premises which have been turned into a convention centre. CBM participated for the first time, with several activities to show CBM’s work in Ecuador and Latin America, to help promote awareness on disability and to encourage the inclusion and respect of persons with disability.

Stand, conferences and artists

Some guys wearing traditional dress ©CBM
Performance of a dance group from Juan Pablo II School
CBM’s stand was very much frequented by the audience, which showed the work done by the organisation in Ecuador and region-wide. Attention also focused on the talks given by CBM advisers Alexandra Jaramillo and Olmedo Zambrano about labour inclusion of persons with disabilities and inclusive development.

Another highlight was the Marimba-dance performance given by young deaf students from the Special Education Centre Juan Pablo II, one of CBM’s partners in Ecuador.

Sensitization circuit

A man walking with blindfolded with a cane supported by a girl ©CBM
Sensitization Circuit organized by CBM in the 2013 Expo-Germany
Outside, an exercise called ‘Sensitization Circuit’ was organised, which consisted of a number of activities that allowed the participants to experience how difficult it can be to face everyday life as a person with a disability.

Participants experienced how it feels to be blind, to have a physical disability and while passing through each section, their emotions went from despair to patience and from fear to nervousness. But in the end everyone agreed that, by having experienced the difficulties persons with disabilities have to face in a world that is not constructed according to their needs, they were able to understand the importance of inclusion and respect for basic rules of coexistence which allow us to live and work together for a better life.

CBM will continue to create awareness about the work we are doing in Latin America, always looking for opportunities like this to interest and educate the public.

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