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In 2010, 464,297 people (43% of whom were children) received Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) services
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10 millionth cataract operation

10 million CBM cataract operations!

Still drowsy, but happy: Joyce Kaaya after her eye operation - symbolically, the 10-millionth CBM-supported cataract operation
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Still drowsy, but happy, Joyce Kaaya after her eye operation - symbolically, the 10-millionth CBM-supported cataract operation

On 28 October 2010, in Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC), Moshi, Tanzania, a milestone in the history of CBM was reached: The 10-millionth cataract operation in CBM-supported programmes was performed!

Excitement and thanks

"The excitement is equal to anything we had in our competitions!" said German skiing legends Rosi Mittermaier and Christian Neureuther after the operation. "It’s simply wonderful that a 20-minute-operation can turn a desperate person into a joyful one!"

German actress Ivanka Brekalo, who had a successful cataract operation herself a few years ago, was also deeply impressed: "When we were approached by some people waiting in the clinic, and a woman was thanking us profusely for the help, I knew that I was part of something very special!”

"CBM’s goal is to reduce curable blindness further," said Director of CBM Germany, Rainer Brockhaus. But he added, "Essentially our focus is not on numbers but on each and every person whose fate we can change."

On behalf of CBM, Brockhaus continued, "I thank our donors with all my heart because they have made it possible that so many people have got their eyesight back. Together we can still achieve a lot in the future!"

A global effort

The first CBM-supported cataract operation took place 44 years ago in Afghanistan. Ever since the number of these operations in the developing countries has risen constantly, with 675.000 being facilitated last year.

The eye department of the KCMC at the foot of the Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania contributes to this effort. This clinic, which was build in 1971, was a pioneer in many aspects of eye work in Africa.

Here, the first cataract surgeons in Tanzania were trained, and today it is still today only one of two training hospitals for ophthalmologists in all of Tanzania.

CBM supports about 200 eye hospitals and eye departments worldwide, in which so many cataract operations are performed that a blind person can see again every minute.

Get involved

Your support will help CBM reach more persons with disabilities in the poorest parts of the world. To make a donation to CBM's work, please visit our donate page.

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One in ten million!

Joyce Kayaa, who had cataracts in both eyes, received the symbolic 10 millionth cataract operation supported by CBM


A CBM milestone

"This is wonderful news, and an incredible achievement and milestone for CBM, local partners, donors and mostly the millions reached all over the world."
Dr Will Dean, CBM-supported consultant ophthalmologist, Nkhoma Eye Hospital, Malawi.

10 million operations

The story of Joyca Kayaa (from Tanzania) receiving CBM's 10 millionth cataract operation


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