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800,000 displaced people in North Kivu: CBM and HEAL Africa are working in the camps

A chaotic scene in an African town - with worried-looking people in the street, loading possessions onto a truck
© Reuters/James Akena, courtesy the Thomson Reuters Foundation – AlertNet
People sit on a truck in the Democratic Republic of Congo town of Bunagana, an area controlled by M23 rebels fighting against government forces in eastern Congo, near the border of Uganda, October 19, 2012

CBM and local partner organisation in DRC are supporting persons with disabilities who have been displaced as a result of the recently escalating conflict. Support is required to provide basic needs.

Background - displacement of over 800,000 people

A young man in a rough tent surrounded by pots, pans, bags, clothes. He uses crutches as he has only one leg. ©CBM
"When you arrive in a camp with your child and your wife and you have a disability, it is really hard to find the basic things to survive"
Kambinja, in an IDP camp near Goma, Nov 2012
The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is recovering from a conflict which has led to the loss of millions of lives in the past decades, but many eastern areas are still affected.
A large part of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in North Kivu started with the emergence of the M23 rebellion in April 2012.

According to the latest OCHA (UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs) report from February 2013, the violence brought by the rebellion has led to the displacement of 800,000 people in North Kivu alone. CBM and its DRC partner HEAL Africa are supporting persons with disabilities who have been displaced as a result of the recently escalating conflict.

What is CBM doing to support persons with disabilities?

Three emergency projects have been set up from December 2012 to March 2013:

1. Immediate response to reinforce the medical capacities of an hospital

a man unloading bags from the back of a minibus ©CBM
A truck of medicine supplies being loaded in Kigali, Rwanda to be taken to HEAL Africa hospital - 1 December 2012
HEAL Africa is the referral hospital for all injured and they are getting a large number of people every day.
Thanks to the first funds received from CBM, medicines have been bought in Kigali, Rwanda, and driven across the border to HEAL Africa’s hospital. Bandages and fuel for the generator of the surgery room have been bought and provided to the hospital within a few days of the M23 attack.

Manu Van Dyck, Advisor Orthopaedic Technology for CBM Orthopaedic Program Great Lakes Region, has brought three cars full of medicines and consumable supplies from Kigali to deliver to HEAL Africa in Goma.

2. Support the basic needs of 250 children with disabilities living in the camps

David McAllister, National Director CBM Ireland, visited Mugunga Internal Displaced Population camp and a project has been set up immediately.
The project aims to assist 250 children with disabilities with safe and secure emergency shelter, safe water and sanitation facilities, and food and non-food items supplied for a period of three months.

The project is currently focusing on three camps: Mugunga III, Great lakes and Bulengo.
  • Most of the shelters are now built. They provide much needed cover and protection to the children with disabilities.
  • The shelters are being connected with direct extended water lines to minimize the risk of water borne diseases.
  • Two blocks of toilets have been set up next to the shelters to facilitate easy access for children with disabilities. These children are also being actively involved in keeping their surroundings clean thereby further decreasing the risk of diseases.
The project has started in December 2012 and is intended to finish end of February 2013.

3. Medical support and basic needs of adults with disabilities living in Mugunga camp

  • This project aims to provide food and non food items to make sure persons with disabilities have access to basic needs.
  • This project is a 3 months project starting 5 December
  • Thanks to CBM and HEAL Africa, 137 women with disabilities and 113 men with disabilities have now access to the basics needs for their entire household.
  • 54 people in need of surgical intervention are benefiting from the CBM and HEAL Africa’s support.
  • 58 people in need of physical therapy are now receiving the services either at HA hospital or directly at the camp.
  • 31 assistive devices are being provided to people in need.
The project will end in March 2013.
We need your help to make sure as many people as possible get access to the medical care they urgently need -  please donate now.


Humanitarian Action

CBM working with local partners to ensure that people with disabilities are included at all levels of disaster preparedness and response


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