Channy's story

Channy and her classmates, are wearing school uniforms and gathering at the playground to start playing together.
© Caritas Cambodia
Channy and her classmates in the playground

Channy, a 13 years old girl from Takeo province, Cambodia. She had uncorrected myopia and squinted. She was therefore referred to the Caritas Takeo Eye Hospital, where she got her first glasses. She is now able to study and play.

Referral system and services

Channy, with school uniform, is wearing her glasses, reading text books in the classroom with a guidance from a teacher. ©Caritas Cambodia
Channy is reading a text book in the classroom
Channy, a 13 years old Cambodia girl, from Samrong commune, Takeo province. She studies at Pryar Primary School in grade 2. She was referred by Catholic Relief Services (CRS), through their Disability Inclusive Education service. Channy was one of 17 children referred to Caritas Takeo Eye Hospital by CRS.
Prior to the initial external examination, Channy squinted, had uncorrected myopia and she could not read the board or  books properly. She often kept herself away and did not play with other children. In the classroom, she always sat at the back so that she would not be asked by the teacher.

Channy’s eyes were properly tested was prescribed as myopic correction by Mrs. Kimny, an ophthalmic eye nurse who attended six months (July to December 2011) training for Orthoptics in Paediatric Ophthalmology and adult strabismus  at ARAVIND Eye Hospital, India as a part of Avoidable Blindness Initiative training programme supported by AusAID. At present, Mrs. Kimny is responsible for the implementation of a new department for Orthoptics at the hospital.

Channy's vision improved from approximately 25% to 66% on the better eye. She now wears her eyeglasses regularly and feels more confident in school. She can read books, write on the blackboard and plays. As a result of the intervention, she feels more included and is now able to fully participate in school and daily life.

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After a 20 year partnership with CBM, the Takeo Eye Hospital is now a hub for eye care services in Cambodia, independent of CBM funding



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