Desire for a better life

Sitha is making palm leave roof at his home. Sitting next to him are 4 of his 7 children.
Sitha is happy to be able to earn income to support his family

Mr Sitha, from Takeo province in Cambodia, had polio as an infant and was first diagnosed with cataract in 2007. With collaboration between a CBM-supported CBR project, CDMD and Caritas Takeo Eye Hospital, he regained complete vision and can once again support his family financially.

First cataract surgery

A nurse is giving Sitha an eye check at Takeo Hospital. ©CDMD
Eye check at Caritas Takeo Eye Hospital
Mr Sitha is married with seven children, and lives in Cambodia's Takeo province. He had polio in childhood and developed poor vision in his right eye later in life.

In 2007, a fieldworker from CBM partner, Cambodian Development Mission for Disability (CDMD) visited him and encouraged him to have eye check up at Takeo Eye Hospital. It was discovered that Mr Sitha had a cataract. He was advised to have surgery and he recovered very well. He was very happy to regain his vision.

Mr Sitha continued to earn a living for his family by making the native roof made of palm leaves. He was selected to be the team leader of self help group of his village organised by CDMD.

Second eye surgery

In June 2010, Takeo Eye Hospital staff visited him for follow up as part of the Disability Approach in Community Eye Health project funded by AusAID. Mr. Sitha expressed his desire to have an eye check up in Takeo Eye Hospital since he had begun to notice blurring of vision on his left eye.

Later that month, he had a second successful operation at Takeo Eye Hospital, regaining vision in his left eye.

A father and a husband

Mr. Sitha is now back in his village and increases the production of the palm thatch. Altogether, the family can now raise more money - much more than the previous months when his wife and her two sons brought the only income as garbage pickers in Phnom Penh. Now, he feels much better than before, and his family can stay at home.

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Takeo eye hospital - a hub for eye care services

After a 20 year partnership with CBM, the Takeo Eye Hospital is now a hub for eye care services in Cambodia, independent of CBM funding



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