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Children with disability are 1.7 times more at risk of violence including neglect, abandonment, abuse and sexual exploitation in comparison with other children (WBU).

Disaster risk - CBM working to build more resilience with persons with disabilities

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CBM is part of the DiDRR network to ensure the inclusion of persons with disabilities in building resilience for the communities. The network is now launching a website.

A disaster's severity depends on how much impact a hazard has on the communities. Disaster risk reduction is the concept of reducing disaster risks through systematic efforts to reduce the causal factors of disasters. CBM is part of the DiDRR network to ensure the inclusion of persons with disabilities in building resilience for the communities.

Who is more affected by natural disasters?

More than 226 million people are affected by natural disasters every year and the trend shows a constant increase.
Very often, persons with disabilities have restricted access to services in the society which often lead to less participation to community initiatives.

In times of disaster people with disability are at significant risk. This risk is increased through limited access to information and services that many of us take for granted. Excluding persons with disability from disaster preparedness has a negative impact on the resilience of the whole community. It is crucial to build resilience and make active mitigation all together.
To make sure persons with disabilities have a voice in the disaster risk reduction policies and programmes, CBM wants to increase their participation through trainings, surveys and advocacy with it partners.

What is the Disability Inclusive DRR Network?

The Disability-inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction Network for Asia and the Pacific (DiDRRN) was launched at the 5th Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Indonesia in October 2012.

DiDRRN is a consortium of like-minded disabled people's organisations (DPOs) and 'mainstream' and disability-focused development and relief organisations. Their common objective is to secure the active participation, and meaningful contribution, of people with disability in DRR policy and practice post-2015.

The network works closely with the UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR) and support the implementation of Article 11, on risk and humanitarian emergencies, of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The network have just launch a website with interesting updates on DRR and disabilities in Asia and the Pacific.


The Network

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Centre for Disability in Development

Handicap International

Malteser International

Pacific Disability Forum

South Asian Disability Forum

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Humanitarian Action

CBM working with local partners to ensure that people with disabilities are included at all levels of disaster preparedness and response


Disability Inclusion in Disaster Risk Reduction

CBM provides technical support on Disability Inclusive in Disaster Risk Reduction session hosted by Asian Disaster Preparedness Center



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