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In 2013, 702,885 people received medical treatment for ear conditions from CBM's partners.

My organisation wants to become a CBM Partner. What should I do?

Generally, CBM selects partner projects on a case-by-case basis according to set criteria.

  • If your organisation or an organisation you know wants to become a CBM partner, or you wish to nominate an organisation for CBM to help, you should contact the CBM Regional Office in your region.
  • If you would like to make CBM aware of a project you know of which is within CBM’s core mandate area, please also notify the CBM Regional Office in your region of the relevant details, including a contact address.
  • If you would like information about the kinds of organisations CBM is working with, please search here for information about existing CBM partner projects.

CBM reserves the right to make the final decision on partnership, and will only support partner organisations with the primary aim of developing plans of action that best meet the needs of persons with disabilities in given countries, and which enfranchise persons with disabilities to make decisions about their healthcare, education, and livelihoods.


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