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Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2014

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Vocational courses using accessible technologies open a range of opportunities for persons with disabilities such as Pallavi in India.
May 15 2014 is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), an international day aiming to raise awareness of digital accessibility and getting people to talk about and learn about digital accessibility.

In order to contribute to these discussions, CBM is proud to share two articles from its staff, discussing the importance of accessible technology, the ramification that technologies have on the lives of persons with disabilities and the challenges that still need to be addresses. 

In the first article, Luisa Fenu talks about her experience as a blind person and outlines how the progress in accessible technology has changed her life, opening her life to a range of opportunities which would not have been possible 30 year ago. 

In the second article, CBM’s technical advisor for accessibility, Benjamin Dard discusses the important challenges that remain in implementing univeral accessibility in emergency response work and international development work.

Both articles present us with the promise that accessible technology offers to improve the lives of people worldwide, both also remind us that the process of creating an accessible world is an ongoing one and that although technology has improved accessibility dramatically in recent decades, much work still remains to done.

Articles on digital accessibility

How digital technology changed my life

CBM's Luisa Fenu talks about how advances in technology made a radical difference in her life by making a range of opportunities accessible


Implementing universal accessibility

CBM Technical Advisor for Accessibility discusses the prospects and challenges of implementing universal accessibility



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