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Global Campaign for Education - Global Action Week 2014

A girl is playing a card game with two women
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After-School Club (ASC) Coordinator Asha, who herself has scoliosis, leads children in a card game. The game is very visual, designed to be inclusive for those children who struggle to recognise words.

CBM is proud to announce its involvement in Global Action Week, a week of action from 4-10 May 2014 organised by the Global Campaign for Education, which aims to promote a free, quality and inclusive education for all, especially for learners with disabilities.

Changing the Future of Education

There are days where school seems to stretch on forever. The days where professors drone on during balmy afternoons, where hours are spent on dreaded school subjects, and where squiggles on paper refuse to make any kind of sense. On these days, there are few things worse than going to school – except, maybe, not being able to go at all.
As reported by the Global Campaign for Education, “children with disabilities are often more likely to be out of school than any other groups of children. In some countries, living with a disability can more than double the chance of a child not being at school.”
Too many learners with disabilities around the world face physical barriers to education such as a lack of ramps, Braille or audiobooks, and sign language interpreters. They also face unfortunate social barriers, where families and instructors may doubt their ability to learn, or peers are afraid to be around them.
Education worldwide should be transformed to be inclusive for all learners with disabilities. Instead of fear and stigma, there would be acceptance and supportiveness. Instead of inaccessible buildings or school materials, all ideas, materials and learning would be made accessible to everyone to the greatest extent possible. Families, instructors and peers would encourage, play with, teach, and believe in all learners in the classroom.

Global Action Week

For more detail and further updates on what’s happening, please visit the CBM webpage about Global Action Week.
Activities are being organised around the world to honour existing learners with disabilities and the school environments that embrace them, as well as to spur other governments and schools to commit to creating and supporting accessible education systems for all. Below is a sampling of countries where CBM and its partners are engaged in action activities (more countries and information are available at the link above). 

Burkina Faso

CBM's West Africa office will commemorate Global Action Week alongside 11 other international development organisations and with Burkina Faso's National Coalition for Education. Activities will focus on both awareness and advocacy. There will be radio and television programmes, public conferences in 12 regions, the production of a documentary film on inclusive education, and opportunities for persons with disabilities who have succeeded in school and in professional fields to share their stories with others.


Alongside partners, CBM's Central East Asia office is looking into the development of television and radio spots, producing a short documentary video on inclusive education, exploring the possibility of developing a show with local artists and comedians, and hosting a live talk on radio with stakeholders such as children with disabilities, children who are members of ethnic minorities, non-governmental organisations and government representatives. There will also be banners, posters and leaflets to announce the arrival of Global Action Week.


CBM partners Instituto Psicopedagógico Juana Leclerc, Prepace and Escuela para Ciegos Pilar Salinas are active participants in the Coordinating Educational Network Committee, or COMCORDE, an organisation that is dedicating all of their activities this year solely to inclusive education. 
For Global Action Week, COMCORDE will be sending a document to the Ministry of Education demanding legislative and monetary support for inclusive education. On the same day, there will be an awards ceremony honouring the winning school or organisation of a nationwide contest seeking best practices for inclusion. An article about the winners and their best practices will be published in national newspapers.

Global Campaign for Education 2014 webpage

Global Campaign for Education (GCE) 2014

CBM and partners involved in the Global Campaign for Education (GCE), a movement working to end the global education crisis



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