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There is a boy on the ground laying with a young lady sitting next to him, in a table there is a girl playing with a young lady watching over her and another young lady is giving food to a boy in am eating chair
In FUNDAL many chidren with multi disabilities receive support through one-to-one tutoring rehabilitation.

CBM in Guatemala

CBM has been active in Guatemala for more than 37 years, focusing on prevention on blindness, ear and hearing care, community based rehabilitation, and deaf-blindness and multiple disability. CBM partners work continuously in six departments, although its outreach programmes extend to other departments as well.

About Guatemala

Guatemala is a country in Central America bordered by Mexico to the north and west, the Pacific Ocean to the southwest, Belize to the northeast, the Caribbean to the east, Honduras to the east and El Salvador to the southeast. With an estimated population of around 15.8 million, it is the most populous and biggest economy in Central America, with one of the highest inequality rates in Latin America, with some of the worst poverty, malnutrition and maternal-child mortality rates in the region, especially in rural and indigenous areas.

According to the UNDP Human Development Report (2015), Guatemala ranks 128 globally with a Human Development Index of 0.627.

Where we work

CBM is present in six departments in Guatemala. These include: Guatemala, Peten, Chiquimula, Solola, Quetzaltenango and Huehuetenango.

Our country priority thematic areas

  1. Prevention of Blindness
  2. Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)
  3. Ear and hearing Care
  4. Disability Mainstreaming and Advocacy
  5. Education

Our objectives and result areas in Guatemala

  1. The quality of life of Persons with Disabilities or those at risk of acquiring is improved through access to quality and accessible health services.
  2. Children, persons with disabilities and their family members are empowered to demand the application of the CRPD and enjoy social inclusion.
  3. The capacities of the Government of Guatemala are strengthened to effectively mainstream disability in the all government activities
  4. Policy and programme commitment to disability in development has improved through networking and alliance building.

Our partnerships

CBM has built a rapport and cultivated technical relationships over its 37- year history in Guatemala. CBM is currently running 5 projects in the country with the support of implementing partners and strategic engagements with the Government of Guatemala through Ministry of Health, as well as the Ministry of Education and other relevant Alliances and Networks.

Our thematic projects include:
  1. Prevention of Blindness – 1 projects
  2. Community Based Rehabilitation – 2 projects
  3. Ear and hearing care - 1 projects
  4. Education – 1 projects

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