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Deafness and hearing impairment can affect the development of speech and language skills in children
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News - Advocacy and Alliances (IAA)

Read selected news items related to IAA

Agenda 2030 – 3 different perspectives

Interview with Lars Bosselmann, Elizabeth Lockwood, and CBM’s partner, Risnawati Utami


CBM launches its publication

CBM launches its publication on Disability and Sustainable Development at the European Parliament on 13 October 2015


New development goals are disability inclusive

The 2030 Agenda that includes 17 development goals was adopted today at the United Nations in New York


Dialogues on Sustainable Development

CBM releases new publication on disability and development


EU institutions and the CRPD – a view from Adam Kosa MEP

Adam Kosa MEP answers some questions put to him by CBM about the recent review of the EU’s implementation of the CRPD.


The European Disability Forum welcomes the EU review

The European Disability Forum (EDF) reflects on the CRPD’s committee historic review of the EU’s implementation of the CRPD.


CBM’s input into the CRPD review

Alba Gonzalez, EU policy officer with CBM gives an overview of the process that took place to review the EU’s implementation of the CRPD.


Final post-2015 outcome document is disability inclusive

The final post-2015 outcome document was announced at the UN headquarters in New York on 2 August 2015.


Women with Disabilities as Agents of Change

To celebrate the contributions of women with disabilities to society, a public event took place in Brussels.


Eighth Conference of State Parties

The eighth Conference of States Parties to the CRPD was held at the United Nations headquarters in New York City from 9-11 June 2015


Advocacy Annual Reports 2014

Have a look at what we have been up to in 2014, and our plans for 2015


Inclusive Education for all

The 13th session of the CRPD Committee dedicated one day to a discussion on the right to education for persons with disabilities.


Recommendations from IDA and IDDC

The post-2015 political declaration must include persons with disabilities


Launch event at the EU Parliament

How much does the society gain when persons with disabilities are included?


Post-2015 development agenda: what is to come?

This article catalogues the different processes feeding into the post-2015 development agenda.


Promise of technology & persons with disabilities

Sustainable development and the promise of technology is the UN’s theme for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2014


A Different Type of Camp Experience

Shantha Rau Barriga is Disability Rights Director at Human Rights Watch. In 2011 and 2012, Shantha visited prayer camps in Africa.


Julian Eaton talks about Mental Health

The November 2014's CBM IAA Newsletter focuses on mental health. Our CBM Advisor in Togo shares his views.


Creating a global movement for mental health

Jagannath Lamichhane discusses the progress made in building a global movement for mental health.


WHO MiNDbank and QualityRights

Natalie Drew from the WHO outlines the progress made a year after MiNDbank was launched and explains the WHO QualityRights Project.


Transforming Sierra Leone’s Mental Health services

Dr Carmen Valle discusses the progress made in Sierra Leone for people with psychosocial disabilities and the current threat of Ebola .


A call to action to the development community

Aleisha Carroll, CBM Australia discusses why it is important to include people with psychosocial disability in development.


New Term, New Opportunities: Strengthening Inclusion

CBM attended an event at the European Parliament to reaffirm our commitment to the issues of disability and development


A new European Commission for a new European Union

The new European Parliament had the opportunity to talk with the Commissioners-designated in Octorber 2014


United Nations recommendations for inclusion

The Committee on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities met in Geneva and issued key recommendations for six countries.


Creating Opportunities through Inclusive Education

On 23rd of September, CBM spoke at the Open-up! workshop on inclusive education.


When back to school is not so easy

Children living in countries where conflict is on-going or where natural disasters have destroyed schools face additional barriers.


Inclusion in Education benefits everyone

A recent study found that excluding persons with disabilities incurs cost for the individual, for the economy and for society.


'Inclusive Education is our primary goal'

Sian Tesni and Katharina Pfortner discuss CBM’s approach to ensuring that all persons with disabilities have access to quality education.


Rights of girls with disabilities to education

CBM recently made submission to the CEDAW committee recommending cooperation on the rights of women and girls with disabilities to education


Proposed Sustainable Development Goal 4- Education

Rachele Tardi and Nafisa Baboo write about the Open Working Group process and inclusive education.


Launch of the FundaMentalSDG campaign

CBM is proud to support FundaMentalSDG and encourages others to join this campaign.


2014 – Mid Year Advocacy round up

Advocacy, post 2015, disability & human rights, EU parliament, disability inclusive development


Social and economic impact - research report

New research report "Economic Costs of Exclusion and Gains of Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities" funded by CBM International


UN meetings discuss progress on disability rights

Governments, civil society and organisations representing the voice of persons with disabilities met in UNHQ


EU releases new position on the post-2015 agenda

The newly adopted EU position on post-2015 does include the rights of persons with disabilities


CBM takes part in major forum on human rights

The European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights presents its 2014-2020 programme for development based on a human rights approach


Disability action plan adopted by the World Health Assembly

The WHO passes action plan which sets out specific actions to ensure better health care for persons with disabilities.


Twin-track approach to inclusive eye care in Pakistan

Dr Babar Quereshi, medical adviser for CBM's Eastern Mediterranean Region discusses CBM's work on inclusive eye health in Pakistan


Linking research and practice

Maria Zuurmond discusses the lessons learned from developing a training manual for parents of children with cerebral palsy


Global Accessibility Awareness Day

On 15 May 2014, Global Accessibility Awareness Day, CBM discusses the importance of accessible technologies


Navigating the corridors of power

Baroness Jane Campbell writes on challenging tradition as she champions the rights of people with disabilities in the UK's House of Lords


How art may help connect with the cry for change

Photographer Belinda Mason explains how she believes powerful images provide an important supplement to traditional advocacy work


Study and research: tools for advocacy and action

Professor Maria Soledad Cisternas Reyes, Chair of the CRPD Committee shares her reflections on her humanist vocation.


My top five disability rights and wrongs

Campaigner and academic Dr Tom Shakespeare presents his approach to address human rights for people with disabilities


Creating impact by working together

CBM discusses the importance of building strategic alliances, presenting the benefits of its work with IDDC and IDA.


Pioneering accessibility work recognised

CBM partner, CBR-DTC's work ensuring urban accessibility in Solo, Indonesia is being recognised as a model for cities worldwide


Africa-EU partnerships - disability rights improve

Brussels, 2-3 April 2014, the 4th African-EU Summit strenghtens commitments to disability rights and inclusion in Africa-EU partnerships


Study - Improving the implementation of the CRPD

The European Parliament' sub-Committee on Human Rights published a study on the implementation of the CRPD in the EU's external policies


Gender and disability - Hilary Homans

Guest speaker Hilary Homans talks about gender & disability


Gender Equality - Hazel Reeves

Hazel Reeves looks at the progress of gender equality since the beginning of the MDGs and the future changes that are needed


Promoting Women's Rights in EU actions - EEAS

Katerina Fatsea from the European External Action Service talks about the importance of promoting women’s rights in European Union Actions


Disability and gender inclusion - Christin Lidzba

Christin Lidzba, Gender Advisor with CBM discusses the disconnection between disability and gender


IWD - the Voices of 5 Women with Disabilities

For International Women's Day, CBM interviews women with disabilities from five regions about their hopes and desires for the future.


Fighting inequalities in the post-2015 MDGs

Guest writer Michael Cashman, MEP talks about the importance of fighting inequalities in the post 2015 agenda


A critical year for access to healthcare

2014 will be a critical year for ensuring that access to healthcare and rehabilitation will be included in the post 2015 agenda


EU election candidates stand up for inclusion

Parliamentarians support the inclusion of persons with disabilities


The EU-NGO Forum opens its doors to people with disabilities

At this year's EU-NGO Human Rights Forum, held in Brussels on 5-6 December, people with disabilities were able to speak up and ask the EU for more accountability


CBM deliver training to staff of the EU External Action Service

For the second year in a row CBM has taken part in delivering training to human rights focal persons, working for the EU External Action Service, and EU Delegations


Persons with disabilities as actors for change

November 2013: IDDC offers ACP - EU Joint parliamentary Assembly (JPA) members an insight into reality of persons with disabilities in Ethiopia


The EU disability movement calls for inclusive sustainable development

CBM participates in European conference discussing how to make future development plans inclusive


The Voice of Civil Society

The rights of persons with disabilities are referred to in outcome document of the EU-Africa Civil Society Forum


Sustainable Development Goals - Next steps and processes

CBM & its partners have intensified their advocacy to ensure that the next development framework is inclusive of persons with disabilities.


Review of the WHO plan for better health care

CBM makes key recommendations to the WHO's plan for better health care for persons with disabilities


Invitation to comment on the CRPD

The United Nations is inviting comments on the Draft General Comments to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.


EU discusses UN General Assembly outcome

Reactions of the European Parliament to the outcome of the September 2013 UN Summit on the MDGs


UN General Assembly side event

Political leaders introduce and sign the 2013 Manhattan Declaration on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities at Civil Society Reception


UN High Commissioner calls for an end to exclusion

UN High Commission for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, calls for an End to disability exclusion at Human Rights Council panel discussion


Towards an inclusive future - publication launch

UNPRPD launch the publication ‘Towards an Inclusive and Accessible Future for All' amidst UN High Level meeting and UN Summit


Update from the September CRPD Committee

Report from the 10th Session of UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities committee 2-13 September 2013


'Say YES to Inclusion' video screened at European Commission

On 26 September 2013 Light for the World, in collaboration with the European Commission, launched at EU level the 'Say YES to Inclusion' video


How much has been achieved?

Parliamentarians from African, Caribbean and Pacific countries and Members of the European Parliament review Report on the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities


High Level Meeting on Disability and Development

On the 23 September 2013, the United Nations is holding the High Level Meeting on Disability and Development


CBM participate in UN summer meetings on disability rights

CBM's Advocacy department is attending many events at the UN in New York.


WHO plan for better health for persons with disabilities

August 2013 - Consultation process initiated to develop action plan that will ensure better health for persons with disabilities


Reinforcing gender sensitive approach to disability

The European Parliament’s Development Committee discusses draft report on women with disabilities


High Level Exchange on including persons with disabilities in the MDGs and beyond

IDDC and EDF joined hands to organise a high level meeting on including people with disabilities in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and beyond


Blog - Advocacy

Archive of the CBM International blog 'Advocacy'


Caritas explores disability inclusion

In the June 2013 Caritas Africa e-Magazine, Caritas published an article exploring disability inclusion


How inclusive is the EU position on the future development agenda?

The EU Foreign Affairs Council releases its conclusion on the post-MDG Framework without including the rights of persons with disabilities


A human rights-based approach to disability in development

A downloadable study provides guidance on how to implement a disability-inclusive human rights-based approach in development cooperation.


A new development framework for the EU - How inclusive is it?

The newly adopted EU Development Strategy does not include specific references to the rights of persons with disabilities, but offers entry points for an inclusive EU development cooperation


World Health Assembly sets disability agenda

The Sixty-sixth World Health Assembly adopts resolution and establishes key action plans on disability, mental health and blindness


CBM at Joint Parliamentary Assembly

At a major parliamentary gathering, the rights of persons with disabilities were confirmed to be an important issue in the negotiations on a new development framework


Celebrating abilities and calling for change

In May 2013, UNICEF released its first State of the World's Children report focusing on children with disabilities


UN High Level report - Leave no one behind

The HLP report on Post-2015 Development Agenda is a critical landmark in making the world’s new development framework disability inclusive


Achieving global disability inclusion, Dublin 2013

The 'Achieving Global Disability Inclusion' conference held in Dublin in May 2013, discusses good practices in global disability inclusion


Community Eye Health Journal on disability and diversity

As guest editor, CBM's Diane Mulligan discusses this special issue of Community Eye Health Journal, which is on disability and diversity


European Development Report includes Rights of Persons with Disabilities

A major research report identifies the lack of inclusion of persons with disabilities in the current MDG framework as an important gap


Putting Human Rights first

The now adopted position of the European Parliament on the future development objectives after 2015 promotes the rights of persons with disabilities as an important aspect of fighting poverty and realising human rights.


UN CRPD Discussion on Women and Girls with Disabilities

On 17 April 2013 Luisa Fenu, Policy Officer at CBM EU Liaison Office, spoke during the 9th session of the CRPD Committee in Geneva


CBM attends major conference on Human Rights

At an annual gathering on the European Instrument on Democracy and Human Rights, CBM raised awareness of the rights of persons with disabilities often being overlooked when addressing discrimination


Applying disability inclusion in WHO reforms

As the WHO reforms its engagement with non-state actors, WBU calls for compliance to UNCRPD among non-state actors


High Level Panel meeting in Bali

CBM working globally to ensure that the next development agenda following the MDGs will be fully inclusive of persons with disabilities


Enforcing the rights of women with disabilities

In a review of UNCRPD, Dr Cordeiro outlines current conditions faced by women with disability and calls for better application of the UNCRPD


WBU appoints Dr Cordeiro as Advocacy Co-ordinator

Dr Victor Cordeiro was appointed as Advocacy Co-ordinator of World Blind Union, bringing a new strategy priorities to WBU advocacy efforts


Heads of state meet disability activists in Liberia

Still a long way to go to convince world leaders of the need for disability inclusive development


UN publishes best practice guide on disability and development

The United Nations has published a Best Practice Guide for Including Persons with Disabilities in all Aspects of Development Efforts, featuring two CBM projects


People with disabilities in Vietnam MDG consultations

CBM supports people with disabilities to take part in the final stages of national consultations on the post-2015 MDGs in Vietnam


Preparing for post-2015 MDG consultations in Vietnam

CBM Advocacy and Alliance department support the Vietnam office to brief DPOs and the UN prior to meetings in the capital and provinces in 2013


West African partners visit CBM EU Liaison Office

A delegation from Togo and Niger visited CBM EU Liaison Office in December 2012, and shared their experiences with key EU stakeholders


Removing barriers, creating inclusion, empowering persons with disabilities

Marking World Disability Day 2012, CBM and Human Rights Watch organised an EU panel discussion on the political participation of persons with disabilities in the poorest communities of the world


Africa begins Mental Health Strategy development

CBM’s Mental Health Advisor Julian Eaton facilitates meeting of African mental health leaders in Zimbabwe, August 2012


Towards greater recognition of global mental health

In 2011, the importance of mental health problems as a global health issue was highlighted at a UN High Level Summit


Three CBM partners participate in EIDHR Forum

In May 2012, for the first time, CBM was involved in the EIDHR Forum, raising awareness about disability


Reinforcing VISION 2020

On 15 May 2012 CBM handed a petition to the WHO in favour of strong blindness prevention efforts by WHO Member States


UN discusses mainstreaming disability in development

CBM, representing IDDC, attends a UN panel discussion on mainstreaming disability in development cooperation


One year later

CBM marks the first anniversary of the entry into force of the UN CRPD at EU level


Parliamentarians given insight into disability in Africa

In November 2011 CBM, together with partners, organised events coinciding with the ACP-EU JPA in Togo, West Africa


CBM welcomes World Report on Disability

On June 9th, the World Health Organisation and the World Bank jointly launched the first ever World Report on Disability


Disability on the World Bank education agenda

The World Bank Education Strategy outlines an inclusive education system, taking persons with disabilities into account


CBM welcomes the MDG summit declaration

CBM welcomes the initial outcomes of the MDG summit meeting, which include persons with disabilities in MDG policies and programmes


New CBR guidelines launched at Abuja Conference

New Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) guidelines have been launched in Abuja, Nigeria


Disability and Emergencies - Photo exhibition launch

To mark the one year anniversary of the 2010 Haiti earthquake, CBM's EU Liaison Office hosted a photo exhibition at the European Parliament


CBM participates in ICED congress

In July 2010, CBM partners participated in the International Congress on the Education of the Deaf (ICED) in Vancouver, Canada


European Parliament debates Inclusive Development

On 10th May 2010 CBM India's Murali Padmanabhan presented the IDDC and its approach to inclusive development to the European Parliament



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