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Visual impairment prevalence has been reduced from 314 million people in 2004 to 285.3 million in 2010 - From The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB), 2010
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ICTC releases global strategic plan

A mother and child in a makeshift tent in Ethiopia - the mother is smiling happily
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Medina, from Ethiopia, had a successful trachoma operation on her right eye. Her left had already gone irreversibly blind due to this infection. Here, she is seen together with her child Duresso.

CBM welcomes '2020 INSight', the ICTC strategy report released in 2011 which maps the global eliminating of blinding trachoma by 2020.

2020 INSight - strategy report

In July 2011 the International Coalition for Trachoma Control (ICTC - of which CBM is a contributing member) released '2020 INSight', a report mapping the strategy to eliminate blinding trachoma by 2020. Download this document here (pdf, 1.6Mb).

Dr. Martin Kollmann (CBM Senior Advisor for Neglected Tropical Diseases and current Vice-Chair of the International Coalition for Trachoma Control ICTC) says this document will be a great tool for all stakeholders unified in making blinding trachoma history: "2020 INSight provides an excellent resource and a common platform for the urgent action needed to eliminate blindness and suffering from this ancient disease of inequity, affecting the poorest communities."

Achievable goal

When asked how realistic the goal of eliminating blinding trachoma actually is, Dr Kollmann continues, "Trachoma work is a good example of successful public private partnership; using the 2020 INSight document as a common road map to intensify our efforts, we have a very good chance of achieving the goals that it sets."  

CBM President, Professor Allen Foster, adds "In recent years good progress has been made to control the infection and resultant blindness through the 'SAFE' control programme, which includes the use of the donated antibiotic Zithromax to reduce infection, together with improved water, sanitation and personal hygiene. CBM very much welcomes '2020 INSight'. As the title of the document says, a disease which has been endemic in the world for centuries is IN SIGHT of being controlled in the next decade."

What is trachoma?

Trachoma remains the number one infectious cause of global blindness, affecting the poorest people living in approximately 50 low income countries of Asia and Africa. The infection particularly affects mothers and their young children leading in later life to painful in-turning of the eyelashes and eventual blindness.

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