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Inclusive Humanitarian Action - Briefing paper


Achieving fully inclusive humanitarian action as an integral part of the new global agenda by utilising the capacities, addressing the rights, and fulfilling the needs of persons with disabilities.

Inclusion is essential at all levels of humanitarian action

child being spoken to in sign language by adult, in ruined house ©ASDC
Ahlam (who is deaf) being told what happened to her house (Gaza 2014). Communication during emergency response – including warning messages & relief information – must be accessible to everyone
Maximum effectiveness of humanitarian response will not be achieved without including all of society, at all levels of activity.

Yet, when preparing for and responding to the increasing number of natural and man-made disasters happening on a global scale, the capacities, rights and needs of women, men, girls and boys with disabilities are not yet fully addressed by the international humanitarian community.

This short briefing paper sets out key areas to guide stakeholders towards fully inclusive humanitarian action as an integral part of the new global agenda.

Download the CBM briefing paper (accessible PDF)

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Inclusive Emergency Response Unit (ERU)

CBM working with local partners to ensure that people with disabilities are included at all levels of disaster preparedness and response



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