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Half of all blindness is caused by cataract, which means that nearly 20 million people could regain sight through a simple operation. CBM and its project partners did this procedure 644,000 times in the world's poorest places in 2010
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Suva (left), a Special Assistant Teacher of PPRBM Bhakti Luhur teaching two hearing impaired students the basic sign language
Suva (left), a Special Assistant Teacher of PPRBM Bhakti Luhur teaching two hearing impaired students the basic sign language

CBM started supporting Indonesian partners in 1978 and opened an office in Jakarta to coordinate its Prevention of Blindness (PBL) activities in 2003. CBM’s cooperation was formalised through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Health and, in 2008, the PBL Coordination Office changed its status to a Country Office in order to be able to support CBM’s entire programme portfolio nationwide. CBM’s current work consists of three programme areas (1) inclusive eye health, (2) community mental health (3) community based rehabilitation.

Areas of work

A patient with cataract is being examined by Dr. Arie Umboh before doing the eye surgery ©CBM
Dr. Arie Umboh examining a patient before conducting cataract surgery
Inclusive Eye Health
The purpose of the inclusive eye health programme is to initiate and develop partnerships and model projects which include high quality and effective cataract and/or low vision work and disability inclusive development. Within this programme, CBM develops relationships with national Vision 2020 stakeholders to increase awareness of disability inclusive eye care and develop a strong alliance for achieving Vision 2020 objectives. CBM also plays a strategic role in the formulation and development of sustainable and low-cost procurement and supply networks for low vision.

Community Mental Health

This programme aims to improve the quality of life of persons with mental or neurological disabilities, mainly persons with chronic mental illness and epilepsy, together with their families.
The programme supports capacity building initiatives to develop community-based mental health services through existing health service delivery systems of the local government at provincial and district levels.

Community-Based Rehabilitation

Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) is a strategy to include persons with disabilities in society. In Indonesia our focus is on training community volunteers. We provide support on rehabilitation where volunteers also identify, refer and collaborate with health institutions, educational institutions and others. Our recent collaboration is in the area of disaster preparedness and emergency response in the community.

Indonesia Country Office

Jl. Guntur No. 22 3rd floor, Setiabudi, Jakarta 12980, Indonesia
Phone: +62 (021) 8378 9798
Fax: +62 (021) 8378 9799
Email: //indonesia@cbm.org:indonesia@cbm.org

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