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International Week of the Deaf 2014

This image shows Wadud communicating with other deaf people using local sign language in the Saidpur Deaf Club in Bangladesh
© 2011 CDD/CBM Australia
Wadud communicates with other deaf people using local sign language in the Saidpur Deaf Club in Bangladesh about disability and society, and their rights.

The International Week of the Deaf is observed annually during the last full week in September. This year it will be celebrated from 22 till 28 September 2014. The aim is to draw the attention of governments, authorities and the general public to the accomplishments of deaf people and the concerns of the deaf community.

International Week of the Deaf 2014

Deaf pupils at the ECAI School for the Deaf in Brazil, which is integrated into a regular private school. The school is run by the Fundacao do Caminho, which also offers vocational training programmes for the deaf.
Strengthening Human Diversity

This year the theme for the International Week of the Deaf is ‘strengthening human diversity- promoting deaf people as part of global human diversity and recognizing this diversity and richness of the global deaf community itself’. 

With this theme CBM believes that each of us is equal and deserves respect, irrespective of our disabilities, gender, religion or race. Every day CBM members and partners all over the world work tirelessly for an inclusive world so that people with disabilities can achieve their full potential. 

For this International Week of the Deaf 2014 we turn the spotlight on CBM staff who is deaf and who contribute every day to strengthening diversity among the CBM family. These differences are an asset to our organisation and contribute vastly to diversity at the work place. We all might be different but each of us has strengths and capabilities which have a positive effect on society. 

This year we are featuring our CBM colleagues:
We also share the story of Neth Chheng, a young deaf teacher at our partner organisation in Cambodia- the Krousar Thmey School for the Deaf.
Wadud's Story

Watch this video about Wadud, a deaf Bangladeshi man, who founded a self-help advocacy group- the Saidpur Deaf Club to fight for the rights of deaf people. Wadud dreams of learning standard sign Language and establish a school for deaf children, which will help strengthen the diversity of deaf communities worldwide. 
You can also read his story here.

Supporting deaf children and their families during the Gaza crisis

This image shows Wa'ed explaining in sign language how she felt the house shaking during heavy bombardment. ©CBM
A 9 year old deaf student at the Atfaluna Schhol, Wa'ed explains how she felt the house shaking during heavy bombardment
This year the Gaza crisis escalated in July with immense loss of life and and damage to the infrastructure in the Gaza Strip. The Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children (ASDC) in partnership with CBM has been at the forefront with rehabilitation and medical activities- helping provide food parcels and hygiene kits at the very onset of the crisis, and later introducing an Emergency Response Programme providing early psychosocial interventions for at risk deaf children and their families. We at CBM continue supporting the ASDC and pray for peace and stability in the region. 

Hashem, an employee with the ASDC, shares his experience during the Gaza crisis this year. Hashem and two of his children are deaf. He recounts the nightmare of looking for food, water and shelter, but most importantly trying to make sure his family stays alive. 

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Neth Chheng, a deaf teacher from Cambodia inspires his students to overcome all barriers and achieve their dreams.


Surviving war and destruction in Gaza

Hashem Ghazal and his 2 children talk about their experience as deaf persons during the Gaza crisis.


Deaf role models in Africa: Kenya chapter documentary

The Deaf Role Models in Kenya documentary was launched at a colourful ceremony at the University of Nairobi.



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