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In 2013, 702,885 people received medical treatment for ear conditions from CBM's partners.

Latin America

A young boy helping in a garden in Bolivia
Community based rehabilitation programs in the Andes of Latin America include traditions and customs for entrepreneurship initiatives.

The aim of CBM for Latin America and The Caribbean is that health care, education, rehabilitation and livelihood opportunities become a reality for the millions of persons experiencing poverty and disability throughout the Region. Our mission is to foster development with persons with disabilities within a framework of inclusion.

At present, CBM supports 49 projects and programmes in 11 countries, after a thoughtful revision process of our portfolio in recent years. In their large majority, the projects are implemented by local partner organisations, and supervised by CBM Regional Office located in Ecuador.

The focus areas for CBM in the region are Prevention of Blindness, Inclusive Community-Based Development (ICBD / CBR), as well as Policy Advise and Technical Assistance to Governments in sectors related to the mandate areas of CBM.

Further, in selected countries of the Region, CBM is also supporting projects in the areas of accessibility, mental health, education and the prevention of hearing impairment.

Latin America Regional Office

The face of a woman ©CBM
Stefan Dofel
Location: Quito, Ecuador
Regional Director: Regine Polynice
E-mail: cbmlaro@cbm.org

400 million people are living in CBM’s Latin-American Region (excl. Mexico). By WHO estimates more than 40 million (!) of these people are living with a serious, life-altering disability.
Prevailing poverty, social isolation, lack of rights, and a precarious future for these girls and boys, men and women gives them little hope. For people living with a serious disability the reality of poverty, social isolation, discrimination, and even abuse seems never ending.
Our vision for Latin America is that health care, education, rehabilitation, and livelihood opportunities become a reality for the millions of persons trapped in poverty by disability throughout the Region. Our mission is to bring development to persons with disabilities within a framework of inclusion. And thereby contribute to development in the countries of the region towards societies and economies that are cohesive, equitable, just and sustainable.
In the context of the Millennium Development Goals, the Latin America Region has focused primarily on the treatment of preventable disabilities and community based rehabilitation (inclusive community based development). In addition, we are taking “Education for All” seriously, and want to further increase our efforts in providing education for children with disabilities. Development of specialised human resource capacity has also been a key element of our interventions.
CBM projects and programmes are presently located in Haiti and Cuba; Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua; and Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil.


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