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Psychosocial disabilities are common. About one out of eight to half (12–48%) of all people will suffer from psychosocial disabilities at some point during their life. (Source: WHO)
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CBM Madagascar team

CBM has a dedicated Madagascar country office and support programmes covering education of persons with visual and hearing impairments, prevention of blindness and hearing loss, community based rehabilitation and training of ophthalmic paramedics.

CBM in Madagascar

  • Presence of CBM in Madagascar since 1981
  • The Country Office opened in April 2009
  • First CBM Madagascar Country Plan from 2012-2015
  • Second CBM Madagascar Country Plan: 2016-2018
Country. Representative:
  • Lila Ratsifandrihamanana
Country Office team:  Programmatic and admin staff:
  • Luc Pariot, Co-worker, Inclusive development Officer;
  • Anita Andrianjafy, Project Officer;
  • Andrianaly Solomon Ranaivoson, Finance Officer;
  • Bakoly Razaiarimanana, Administrative Officer;
  • Tsiry Ramanantoanina, Accountant;
  • 2 supporting staff (driver & runner; cleaner, with hearing impairment)
Alliances & Network in Madagascar:
  • MoU with the Ministry of Health; MoU with Ministry of Education;
  • Collaboration with relevant services under the Ministry in charge of Population, Ministry in charge of vocational training and employment;
  • Collaboration with the services of the Malagasy Lutheran Church (MLC); of the Reformed Church (FJKM RC); of the Catholic Church;
  • Ambassadorial Country status from African Disability Alliance (ADA);
  • MoU with SFD/ICRC;
  • Funding partners: CBM CH; CBM Germany; CBM Canada; BMZ; EU; Orange Solidarité Madagascar, MSH USAID
  • Member of the inter-ministerial committee on disability (Min Pop);
  • Member of the Inclusive Education platform (MoE);
  • Member of the Platform of International Non government Organisation – PINGO

About Madagascar

  • 7.5% of population (Ministry of Health, 2003):more than 1,638,162 PWD in Madagascar.
  • 11.5% of CWD enrolled in schools (MoE, 2012)
  • 2,8% with physical impairment; 1% with visual impairment; 1,7% with hearing impairment
  • UNCRPD ratified in December 2014
  • National Disability Mainstreaming Plan (NDMP) validated in March 2015

Where we work

CBM supports projects implemented in 6 regions (out of 22) in Madagascar:
  • Analamanga
  • Vakinankaratra
  • Atsinanana
  • Atsimo Atsinanana
  • Atsimo Andrefana
  • Menabe

Our country priority thematic area

According to the results in the CBM MADAGASCAR Country Plan, below are the key thematic areas:
  • Mainstreaming disability
  • Community based rehabilitation
  • Prevention of blindness , eye health care, eye care training
  • Prevention of deafness, ENT care, ENT training
  • Support to orthopaedic and rehabilitation services
  • Curricula development & training on occupational therapy
  • Wheel chairs training
  • Inclusive education
  • Special needs education for deaf and for blind
  • Vocational training & livelihood
  • Capacity development of DPOs
  • Inclusive emergency and DRR preparedness

Our partnership

  1. TOMADY Mainstreaming Disability - PFPH     P3415
  2. CBR Merci - ONG MERCI    P2928
  3. CBR Fanilo - MLC FANILO    P2929
  4. MAHITA eye care Mahajanga Ambohibao - SALFA eye clinic    P2312
  5. MAHITA Paediatric – HJRA & Eye care Training -  INSPC    P2488
  6. MAHENO ENT care  -  SALFA ENT clinic    P1988
  7. DROP/ MADA  -  CRMM    P3054
  8. Occupational therapy Training University Antananarivo     
  9. MAHAY Incl. Education - FJKM in collaboration with MoE & MLC   P3413
  10. MAHAY Special Education (3 blind schools) -  MLC    P0753
  11. MAHAY Special education (AKAMA-SEMATO)  -  MLC    P1123
  12. MAHAY Special Education (FOFAMA-SEMAMO)  -  MLC    P0531
  13. MIHARY VT/Livelihood  -  CNFPPSH    P3414
  14. DPOs Capacity development -   DPOs    P3039
  15. Inclusive Emergency and DRR Preparedness      P3039

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