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Deafness and hearing impairment can result in social isolation and stigmatisation at all ages
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Member Associations

There are currently 11 CBM Member Associations (MAs) providing the vital link between persons with disabilities in the poorest communities, and people that have the interest, capacities and resources to help.

Supporting programmes

CBM Member Associations support programmes and raise funds to build the capacities of our partners in the world's poorest communities. These partner organisations support people with disabilities in all aspects of everyday life and during times of emergency and natural disaster.

Member Associations also work to raise awareness about disability with governments, donor agencies and other NGOs worldwide.

The work of Member Associations - in more detail

  • Supporting programmes and building capacity - CBM Member Associations work closely with CBM Regional and Country offices to ensure that programmes have the maximum possible impact for people with disabilities in the world's poorest communities. By supporting a range of projects and building the capacities of our partner organisations, Member Associations seek to provide long term support that achieves lasting change in the lives of people with disabilities.
  • Fundraising - CBM encourages individuals and agencies to share their financial resources, time and competencies so that more and better services can be developed with and including persons with disabilities, enabling them to improve their quality of life. Fundraising is mainly from individual donors, as well as corporations, foundations and governmental agencies.
  • Raising awareness - Member Associations work to raise awareness about disability with governments, donor agencies and other NGOs, advocating that the fight against poverty has to include persons with disabilities.
  • Emergencies and disasters - In almost all emergencies and disasters, persons with disabilities are the most at risk. CBM takes an active role in emergency support, ensuring that Member Associations work with the media and donors to advocate for the inclusion of persons with disabilities in disaster prevention and for adequate support in the midst of disaster relief so that their needs and rights are respected.
  • Gifts-in-kind - Member Associations work closely with the suppliers of pharmaceuticals, health care equipment and other relevant items to secure good quality gifts-in-kind that can benefit low income countries.


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