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Our People

CBM's Dr. Heiko Philippin and his team examine the eyes of Joyce (who had a successful bilateral cataract operation) at the KCMC Hospital, Tanzania
© CBM/argum/Einberger
CBM's Dr. Heiko Philippin and his team examine the eyes of Joyce (who had a successful bilateral cataract operation) at the KCMC Hospital, Tanzania

CBM employs specialists in a multitude of disciplines, both in the field as co-workers and within the departments of the International Office, and the emphasis is on training national staff.

Supporting partner organisations

CBM co-worker Moges Teshome ©CBM
CBM co-worker Moges Teshome who is an ophthalmologist in DRC
CBM employs trained specialists in the fields of disability and development, project management and other medical and professional fields to support the goal of improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities.

In 2010, 95 experts supported partner organisations as employees of CBM. Among them were ophthalmologists; orthopaedic surgeons; ear, nose, and throat specialists and inclusion experts in addition to the many local eye nurses, physiotherapists, and other experts working for CBM.

These postings are described as co-workers assisting in programmes worldwide and priority is given to postings where it is possible to train national staff.

The role of CBM International Office

CBM has eleven Member Associations (MAs). They work together in one joint international programme managed by CBMeV to promote resource mobilisation for the CBM Federation.

The CBM Federation is headed by the International Leadership Team (ILT) that comprises of the CEOs of six CBM MAs, as well as the International Director and the Chief Operating Officer at CBM International.

The ILT is regulated by the Supervisory Assembly. Members of the Supervisory Assembly belong to the Boards of the MAs and represent them at the Supervisory Assembly.

Extract from CBM's Objective-setting Process, 2007

"We all deeply feel our joint responsibility to improve the quality of the lives of the people with disabilities we serve.

"We want to make CBM the most effective and efficient organisation possible in order to achieve our goal of significantly im­pacting the problem of disability and poverty throughout the developing world.

"We have identified through our Basic Beliefs that transparency and openness, to­gether with respect, are important components of our CBM culture. Formalizing the dialogue process in all areas of the organisation is an important part of imple­menting our vision plan and making it a a reality.

"An un­derlying goal of this dialogue process is to build mutual trust and under­standing between managers and CBM’s most valuable resource – its em­ployees."


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