PAVIC holds 5th Parents Congress

PAVIC representatives and Kirsty Smith from CBM UK
Kirsty Smith, CEO of CBM UK, joins PAVIC representatives in the 5th Parents Congress

The Parent Advocates for Visually Impaired Children, Inc. (PAVIC) holds an annual Parents Congress to equip and empower the participants and promote partnership and network among them.

The Parent Advocates for Visually Impaired Children, Inc. (PAVIC) held its 5th Parents Congress on May 12, 2017 at Quezon City, Philippines. With the theme “Connecting Families towards ‘Equity’ and Access”, the event aims to empower parents of children with visual impairments through sharing of information and building stronger networks.
The three-day programme consists of panel discussions on the best practices of parents, quality education, educational services, access to government services, and going out to the real world. There were also focus group discussions on assessing their current situations and services and what inclusion means to them. Parents also came up with their strategic plan and presented PAVIC’s position paper on equity access.
Kirsty Smith, CEO of CBM-UK, gave a message of support to PAVIC’s advocacy. Karen Heinicke-Motsch, global advisor on Community Based Inclusive Development (CBID), and Genaro Sanchez, programme officer of CBM-ASE, also joined the event.  
PAVIC has more than 700 members across different regions in the country. The group also founded the Visually Impaired Sports Training and Advocacy (VISTA) to showcase the skills and capabilities of children with visual impairment in doing physical activities.


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