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In 2013, 1,003,703 assistive devices were distributed including 795,835 spectacles; 28,918 low vision devices, 21,427 hearing aids, 115,691 orthopaedic appliances and 41,832 other devices.


female parathletes playing sitting volleyball in a stadium
Rwanda's women's sitting volleyball team engages the Egyptian team in the 2016 Paralympic final qualification match.

CBM in Rwanda

CBM commenced operations in Rwanda in 1992 with deliberate focus on disability and development work. CBM in Rwanda is registered as international non-government organization. The Country Office was established in Rwanda in 2013 and operates under the East Africa Regional Office.

About Rwanda

Rwanda is a landlocked country nested in the greater East Africa. Its green, mountainous landscape has earned it the nickname ‘Land of a Thousand Hills’. Rwanda boarders Uganda to the North, Tanzania to the East, Burundi to the South and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to the West. Rwanda has a population of about 11 million people and is classified by the World Bank as Low Income country.

According to the UNDP Human Development Report (2015), Rwanda is ranked position 163 globally with a human development index of 0.483. The population in multidimensional poverty is also recorded at 70.8%, with 34.6% of this population in severe multidimensional poverty.

The National Census of People with Disabilities in Rwanda (2010) indicates that 5.02% of the Rwandan population represents persons with disabilities. The age groups with the highest percentage of persons with disabilities are 10–14 years and 20–24 years respectively. It also appears that the prevalence rate of disability in Rwanda is higher in rural areas (5.3%) than in urban areas (3.2%).

The challenges that persons with disabilities encounter include:
  • Lack of employment
  • Lack of access to education
  • Lack of access to health services
  • Lack of access to financial services
  • Lack of access to rehabilitation services
  • Lack of access to life facilities
  • Communication barriers
  • Negative attitudes amongst the community

Where we work

In Rwanda, CBM is present in the Southern province (Muhanga District), Eastern province (Kayonza District) and Kigali City (Gasabo District).

Our country priority thematic areas

  1. Comprehensive Eye Health
  2. Orthopaedic and Medical Rehabilitation
  3. Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)
  4. Livelihoods

Our objectives and result areas in Rwanda

  1. Communities at risk of disability in Rwanda have improved access to health services to prevent and treat conditions leading to disability.
  2. Persons with disabilities in Rwanda have improved access to inclusive health care, rehabilitation, and livelihood services.

Our partnerships

CBM is currently running 5 projects in Rwanda with the support of 3 implementing partners and strategic engagements with the Ministry of Health as well as other relevant Alliances and Networks.

Our thematic projects include:
  1. Comprehensive Eye Health - 1 project
  2. Orthopedic and Medical Rehabilitation - 1 project
  3. Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) - 1 project
  4. Livelihoods - 1 project
  5. Women’s Sitting Volleyball – 1 project

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