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CBM started working in Togo since 1984 with the establishment of the Regional Office in West Africa. The organization supports the local partners in facilitating the access to services aiming to enhance disability prevention, education and community based rehabilitation of persons with disabilities and their families. CBM Togo is recognized as a non-governmental organization under the Regional Office for West and Central Africa which is legally registered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

About Togo

Togo is one of the smallest countries in West Africa covering an area of 56 785 km2. It is bordered by Burkina Faso to the north, by the Gulf of Guinea to the south, by Benin to the east, and by Ghana to the west. The total population grew from 2,719,567 inhabitants in 1981 to 6,191,155 in 2010, hence an average annual growth rate of 2.84% (equivalent to a doubling every 25 years) . The economy is led by the agricultural sector whose contribution to the GDP is 42%. Unemployment affects 6.5% of the labour force.
According to the UNDP Human Development Report (2015), Togo is ranked position 162 globally with a human development index of 0.0484. The population in multidimensional poverty is also recorded at 71.6 % in rural areas, against 15.5% in the capital city, Lomé, and 12.8% in other urban areas.
Conferring to the first report on disability published by the World Health Organization and the World Bank, 15% of the world population is disabled meaning that about 928,673 persons are disabled in Togo. Although the needs of persons with disabilities are integrated into policies and strategies, there is no effective implementation. Effective access to basic social services is limited (health care, education, employment, etc.). The negative perception on disability is an obstacle for the social inclusion of PWDs.

Where we work

CBM Togo is supporting partners in the following regions:
  1. Maritime and Lomé Commune
  2. Plateau
  3. Central
  4. Kara
  5. Savannah

Our country priority thematic areas

  1. Eye health and low vision;
  2. Access of financial services to improve the livelihood opportunities;
  3. Inclusive education;
  4. Decent employment for people with disability;
  5. Community Mental Health;
  6. Road safety and security to prevent physical disability
  7. Disability prevention in maternal and child health;
  8. Empowerment of the National Disable People Organization (FETAPH) to promote the implementation of the CRPD;
  9. Advocacy for the inclusion of disability into policies and development programmes.

Our partnerships

CBM is currently supporting 6 projects in Togo:
  • Comprehensive programme to prevent childhood blindness - 2 projects
  • Prevention of impairment and disability in mother and childhood - 1 project
  • Participation of persons with disability in local development initiatives – 1 project
  • Mainstreaming microfinance institution for access to financial services for women with disabilities - 2 projects

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