Chairperson, Supervisory Assembly

Dr. William Rowland - South Africa

Dr. William Rowland

Dr. William Rowland

Dr. William Rowland is the newly-elected chairman of CBM South Africa and has been appointed as a member of the CBM Strategy Formulation Team and elected as the Chairperson of the international Supervisory Assembly.

William comes with vast know-how and experience in disability and leadership. He served as long-time National Executive Director of the SA National Council for the Blind, chairperson of Disabled People South Africa, President of the World Blind Union, and chairperson of the International Disability Alliance. He has also served on the Board of the South African Broadcasting Corporation and the Council of the University of South Africa.

William currently serves as Council member of the University of Johannesburg and on the boards of several public and private institutions. He has a doctorate from the University of Cape Town.