What We Offer

Our benefits

For our employees based in the CBM office located in Bensheim , Germany:

  • A modern building in Bensheim, Germany with a lived “open office” culture. In addition to effective forms of collaboration and active environmental protection, the planning and construction of the new building focused particularly on accessibility and a barrier-free environment. We moved into the new building around mid-2015 and it currently offers approximately 130 workspaces for our staff.
  • Parking spaces are available for our employees, as well as covered bicycle stands.
  • We have a canteen, and you can treat yourself to a coffee, tea, and water throughout the entire building. In addition, refrigerators are available in the staff kitchens for short-term food storage.
  • For many years now we have had a flexible working hours model in place. There are no core working hours. CBM is an employer that promotes Work-life balance. This system allows the free arrangement of daily working hours between 7:00 to 20:00 hours.
  • Employees also have the option of working from home. Currently, you can take advantage of working from home for up to 60% of your weekly working hours in agreement with your line-manager. This is a win-win situation for everyone: flexibility, concentration and work performance are supported.
  • Employment contracts at CBM are based on the employment contract guidelines of Diakonie Deutschland. Conditions are clearly indicated within this framework and the remuneration system offers transparency on how the different positions are being classified.
  • Our social benefits include contributions to capital formation. CBM pays into a company pension scheme. Apart from that, we regulate further benefits for our employees through various collective agreements.
  • Our affiliation with the Diakonie Deutschland also brings additional advantages for our employees such as discounts at insurance companies, trade partners, Deutsche Bahn, etc.


Work for CBM 

We are looking for professionals and experts in support functions (finance, communication, human resources, programme development, etc.) who share the same passion and our values.


Work in Partner Countries

We are looking for individuals who are passionate and dedicated to our mission and share our values. We are often looking for ophthalmologists with surgery experience, Programme development managers and professionals.