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Real life stories

Working to build a network of DPOs

Sabrina Hossine has dedicated her life to advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities.


Leading the way in Tunisia on rights for all women

Temna TABIB has made a significant contribution as an advocate for women with disabilities and Tunisian women in general.


A mission to spread awareness

Zainab Al-Akabi has created a lot of awareness about disability and about women with disabilities in Iraq and in the Arab world in general


Working to support Arab women realise their human rights

Fatima Zohra Belghiti is a Morocco-American 50-year-old woman who is a wheelchair user and who also has a psychosocial disability


A story of determination and leadership

Bouraouia Agrebi is a 47 year-old blind woman from Tunisia. This article highlights why Bouraouia is a good role model for women with disabilities


Political participation of women with disabilities

Dr. Heba HAGRASS is an activist from Egypt who uses a wheelchair. This article highlights why Heba is a good role model for women with disabilities


Working to create a new generation of leaders

Rima Canawati has dedicated her life to advocating for the rights of persons with disabilities and is recognised as a leader in the disability movement


Advocacy and education is important for change

Amal Shamari is a physically impaired woman from Palestine. This article highlights why she is a good role model for women with disabilities


Rajeh - Regaining hope and mobility

Severely injured in the Syrian civil war 13 year old Rajeh is slowly regaining hope and mobility assisted by CBM's emergency work


Surviving war and destruction in Gaza

Hashem Ghazal and his 2 children talk about their experience as deaf persons during the Gaza crisis.


Amr’s story

Amr, from Egypt, has secured his right to education and has established a small business which enables him to earn his living.



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