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Regional news

Inclusive education Community of Practice meeting

The first meeting of the Inclusive Education Community of Practice (CoP) for Latin America and the Caribbean took place in Guatemala.


Building financial capacity in Haiti

The “Center for Inclusion” program awarded six projects involving income-generating activities by DPOs in three regions of Haiti.


National Accessibility Plan approved in Peru

On August 8, 2018 Peru approved the National Accessibility Plan 2018 – 2023 via a Supreme Decree after six years of anticipation by persons with disabilities.


CBM in Global Inclusion International Conference

CBM representatives participated in the Inclusion International World Congress, International Convention Centre, Birmingham, England.


Model eye health training center in Latin America

The CBM Phaco Training Center opened its doors in a special inauguration event in Paraguay


Celebrating 20 years of service with in Cuba

CBM and local partner CIC celebrated 20 years of cooperation to improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities in Cuba


CBR in the Agenda of Latin America countries

The IV Continental CBR Congress was held from November 20 – 22 in Ecuador with more than 400 participants from more than 35 countries


Hurricane Matthew - One year later

Inclusive emergency response in Haiti and Cuba


CBM evaluates national attention program

CBM presented the results of the evaluation of the program for attention of persons with disability in Ecuador held by Ministry of Inclusion


Hurricane Matthew - Six months on

CBM response ensuring that persons with disabilities in Haiti and Cuba are able to rebuild their lives


Hurricane Matthew - After three months

CBM response is ensuring that persons with disabilities and other more at-risk community members are included


Hurricane Matthew - One month on

CBM and partners implement comprehensive strategy to ensure affected communities recover from Hurricane Matthew


Hurricane Matthew - Questions & Answers

Questions and answers on Hurricane Matthew, including the importance of ensuring a disability inclusive response


Hurricane Matthew

CBM and partners respond to Hurricane Matthew


Cooperation on public policies for disability

The II International Congress on Health and Markets in Ecuador took place on July 7 and 8, 2016.


Ecuador Earthquake

CBM and partners responding to the 7.8 magnitude earthquake which struck Ecuador on 16 April 2016


Ecuador Earthquake Q&A

Questions and answers on the April 2016 Ecuador Earthquake


Municipalities agree on inclusive development

Four municipalities sign agreement to work for community based inclusive development in Ecuador


Guatemala establishes National Network for Hearing

Representatives from many different institutions agreed on the creation of the National Network for Hearing in Guatemala


Sharing perspectives about CBR from Latin America

CBM is glad to present the report “Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Critical Perspectives from Latin America” by Dr. Shaun Grech


Achieving inclusive risk reduction in America

The High Level Regional Meeting for Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction was held on February 17-18 in Ecuador with participation of CBM


Labour inclusion for Persons with Disability

CBM LARO released the document “Guides and Tools for Social and Labour Inclusion for Persons with Disabilities” by regional advisors


Building Back Better – Pazapa School, Haiti

The first accessible, para-seismic, hurricane-proof school building in Haiti was inaugurated on February 27, 2015 in Jacmel


Interview with our accessibility expert in Haiti

To mark the 5th anniversary of the Haiti earthquake, we speak with Alexis Joseph, one of our accessibility experts


Wilguy's story

Wilguy became paralysed after the earthquake in Haiti, but that hasn't stopped him from chasing his dreams


Haiti - five years on

CBM commemorates the fifth anniversary of the Haiti earthquake which struck on 12 January 2010


Inclusion of people in Haiti

Our advocacy project is making the inclusion of people with disabilities a reality in Haiti, especially after the earthquake


Liaison experience for Cerebral Palsy learnings

A cohabitation workshop with children with cerebral palsy, mothers, CBR promoters and facilitators shed lights on best practices in Honduras


Mission accomplished: 200 people gain back sight

For the World Sight Day, the Visualiza Foundation held more than 200 cataractsurgeries for people in need


River Blindness Eradicated from Ecuador

The WHO has announced that Ecuador officially has been declared free of river blindness, also known as onchocerciasis


CBM partner receives an award in Guatemala

FUNDAL received an award for their project for three educational centers for deafblind childhood and youth in Guatemala


Latin America gathers for inclusive development

The International Community Based Rehabilitation Meeting: A Road to Advance towards Inclusive Development was held in Ecuador on May 19-21.


Debate about inclusive education in Ecuador

On May 14, 2014 CBM among other organisations held a forum about inclusive education: limitations and accomplishments in Quito, Ecuador


IDB acknowledges CBM partner in Colombia

The Instituto para Niños Ciegos y Sordos del Valle del Cauca was awarded by the Inter American Development Bank and the ALAS Foundation


Inclusiveness through disaster risk reduction

Representatives of Latin America attended the Emergency Response and Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction workshop coducted by ERU


Latin American staff trained in Safety & Security

Staff of CBM Latin America were trained on Safety & Security for the implementation of Security Management Plans and first aid techniques


Ecuador institutionalises CBR as national strategy

The First World Disabilities Meeting - held in Ecuador - emphasises the importance of Community Based Rehabilitation


Latin America eliminates river blindness

The XXIII Inter American Conference on Onchocerciasis (Quito, Ecuador, November 21 and 22) afirms it is being eliminated in the Region


Strengthening Latin America’s CBR network

The III Continental Congress on Community Based Rehabilitation was held in Colombia from 23 to 25 October with the participation of CBM


CBM in the 2013 Expo-Germany

CBM's Latin America Regional Office participated in the 2013 Expo-Germany which was held on from 26 to 28 September in Quito, Ecuador


Mental Health Workshop for CBR projects

The first Mental Health Workshop for Central America was held in Nicaragua, in a vocational training center for youngsters with disabilities


Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Representatives of the Government of El Salvador attended a Workshop on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities on 23 to 24 July


Hope Clubs - Empowering people with LF in Haiti

Working with people who have elephantiasis, providing medical advice and offsetting the negative effects of social stigma and marginalisation


International day of Ear and Hearing - Nicaragua

International Day for Ear and Hearing 2013 - Nicaraguan government commits to further develop the National Plan for Prevention of Deafness


CBM to use virtual learning platform in Ecuador

In January 2013 CBM in Ecuador signed an agreement with the National Federation of NGOs for Disability (FENODIS) to use a virtual learning platform


Peruvian Congress approves disability law

The Peruvian CBR consortium lobbied with organisations of people with disabilities and other partners for approval of a new disability law


CBM in the Congress of Peru

A meeting to discuss the present and future of ear and hearing care in Peru took place in the Palacio Legislativo in Lima, Peru


Post-earthquake rehabilitation response in Haiti

A recent study has shown that CBM and partners are playing a crucial role in capacity development of the Haitian rehabilitation sector


Fundraising workshop

A workshop on fundraising in the Dominican Republic, with representatives from six CBM-supported programmes


Primary Ear and Hearing Care Workshop and Forum

CBM partner organises a workshop on Primary Ear and Hearing Care (PEHC), followed by a Forum, in El Salvador, May 2012


Haiti two years later - CBM engagement continues

CBM working with the local organisations to build expertise and independence two years after the 2010 earthquake


Changing lives of children with clubfoot

CBM, in partnership with Cure International, has started implementing a three year clubfoot programme in Haiti


CBM experts attend CBR meeting in Colombia

In September 2011 CBM experts presented proposals at a meeting of the network of CBR organisations in Colombia


CBM Haiti promoting universal accessibility

Since January 2011 CBM Haiti has been promoting universal accessibility, aiming towards inclusive reconstruction


First CBR programme in Haiti

In February 2011, CBM launched one of the first rights-based CBR programmes to ever be implemented in Haiti


100th nation ratifies the UN CRPD

In May 2011, Colombia became the 100th nation to ratify the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities


New eye care programme in Haiti

CBM has a new eye care partner, aiming to improve the quality of life for Haitians suffering from curable ophthalmological diseases


CBM helps prevent spread of cholera in Haiti

CBM Haiti has distributed 12,000 cholera prevention kits and conducted public education on proper hygiene practicies to help prevent the spread of cholera


Child inclusion in Haiti

Since early 2011, CBM Haiti has been supporting community-based organisations in child inclusion and protection


Haitian football commemorates earthquake

Two teams of players with disabilities took to the field in a football match in Haiti to commemorate the 2010 earthquake


Haiti earthquake – Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all your questions about the 2010 Haiti earthquake and CBM's response to it


Haiti - One year later

The situation in Haiti, one year after the earthquake which struck on January 12, 2010


Haiti cholera outbreak

Health officials are responding to a cholera outbreak in Haiti - CBM has no programmes in the affected area and is monitoring the situation


Hurricane Tomas passes Haiti

Although the eye of tropical storm Tomas missed Haiti, the country suffered severe weather


'Antennas' in Haiti

CBM supports community based healthcare centres in Haiti that assist people with injuries and disabilities to receive the help they need


Haiti - six months on

On January 12, Haiti was struck by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake. Since day one CBM has been helping those in need.


Interview with Madezha Cépeda

Madezha Cépeda talks about being an empowered woman with a disability


International conference sponsored by CBM

The first meeting of mental health stakeholders in Bolivia forged solid conclusions and created a commission for future progress


CBM in Chile

Following the 8.8-magnitude earthquake which struck Chile earlier this year, CBM pledged to support our partner in the region


Haiti Earthquake - CBM in Port-au-Prince

CBM's Emergency response team reports from Port-au-Prince


Haiti earthquake - Washline's story

Washline suffered a broken femur when a wall collapsed on her during the 2010 Haiti earthquake. She and her mother lost their house.


Catching up with Washline - Haiti six months on

Nine year old Washline suffered a broken femur during the earthquake, but now she is healthy and back in school


A sister's love – Haiti six months on

In the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake, ten-year old Fara has become the main care-giver to her three-year old brother Stefan


Haiti Earthquake - Salomon's Story

Salomon came to the Antenne Handicap with a leg wound. His whole body is covered with dirt and his clothes are muddy brown and tattered.



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