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Visual impairments are more common in the developing world due to quality of water, sanitation and nutrition, the availability of health care and basic medicines. Often simple interventions bring a large increase in quality of life.
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Real life stories

A mother sees her daughters again

Luisa is 80 years old, she lost her sight to cataracts but wnet under surgery and she can see again.


Hurricane Matthew - Renee's story

Renee's house was damaged by Hurricane Matthew, which struck Haiti on 4th Oct 2016


Hurricane Matthew - Leanie's story

Leanie, who works with a local Disabled Person's Organisation (DPO) in Haiti, lost her house and livelihood during hurricane Matthew


Success in the Caribbean Sea

Adrecienne is a fish monger in Haiti who had attainable economic goals but needed a boost in order to reach them faster. CBM gave that boost


Growing with a loving and caring family

Life seemed harsh for Jose Luis, he was diagnosed deaf-blind and was then abandoned by his biological mother. His new family has helped him


Feeling the world through a swing

Carlos loves the feeling when he's on the swing. For him the world is bright, no matter if he can´t see it or hear it, he just enjoys it


Changing the life of a family

Yerson has multiple disabilities due to problems at birth. WIth the support of CBM and the Arariwa Foundation he is able to walk for himself


Those teen years

Mirian is 16 years old. During her first thirteen years of life she was not able to communicate with others. She was born deaf.


A young girl knows no barriers

Lorena was premature and diagnosed blind but the support of the Institute for Blind Piople in Bahia, Brazil helped her overcome barriers


Overcoming prematurity complications

Juan David was born during his 31st week of gestation. As he was premature the doctors suspected he may have a condition to cause blindness.


It is possible to avoid blindness!

A timely review of premature children can prevent blindness by retinopathy in a simple and efficient way; this is what happened to Jael


Música Ocular - a film about inclusion

A group of young deaf people from CBM partner project 'Piña Palmera Community Organization' acted in the movie 'Música Ocular'


A professional with hearing disabilities

Angela Maria, from Colombia, is currently doing a 'post-degree' in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics - her story until now has been one of positive attitude, strong family support well integrated rehabilitation


Byron colours silence

Byron, who was diagnosed with hearing impairment when he was a child, is the winner of the Contest 'Colombia has talent'


New Technologies for Inclusion

Bruna developed communication skills at a very early age. She learned to read and write in Braille and has also received computer training.


Poetry and music for a life in harmony

Fabricio was diagnosed with echolalia, he couldn't relate with people, but he found a way to communicate his feelings: music and poetry


Hector improves his daily life with a smile

Hector had an accident when was a child, since then was mobilized in a wheelchair that was in very bad shape. His only dream is to walk


The inclusiveness of language

Jose has a profound bilateral hearing loss. He never imagined that at his age he could get help to improve his communication skills.


How to prevent a world without colors?

Christopher’s case shows the importance of screening to prevent a disease. A timely medical intervention prevented him from becoming blind


A 'magical' surgery that restores vision

Ramosa lives alone in a very poor community in Peru and who lost her sight due to cataract in both eyes


Carlos Julio faces life dancing

With the support of CBM Carlos Julio is learning numbers, letters and also to handle objects, which has improved his ability do his own personal care. He likes to dance, too!


Lina and her ability to create a world

Lina is creating her own idea on how her living space should be for her body, her feelings, her dreams


Inclusive education needs the community

María Nazareth attends a regular preschool thanks to involvement of the community


Sofía's story

Sofía's grandmother finds the way to give her a better life


Families need support too

José has a physical disability. This makes life difficult for his whole family, and his father has been diagnosed with severe depression.


Rodenson's story

A modern day story of a true hero who saved his sister and sacrificed his dream


Washline's story

A year ago Washline feared she might lose her left leg, today she is running and playing with her friends thanks to CBM


Sebastian's story

One year after a devastating earthquake claimed his right leg and the life of his mother, Sebastian's life is finally getting back on track


Long distance education

Alexa - who is hard of hearing - has received a hearing aid, and her mother received training from CBM partner CORAL to help them communicate


The right to sight

Franco's cataracts were cured, thanks to financial intervention from CBM partner in Mexico


Testimonial – Ramiro, Mexico

With CBM partner CEIAC’s help, Ramiro has greater mobility and is able to participate in his community


Testimonial – Marta, Mexico

Read Marta's testimony of overcoming great obstacles with her low vision


Testimonial – Arturo, Mexico

Read the testimony of Aurturo, a Mexican who has retinal detachment, but for whom a new world opened up with CBM's help


Hard work pays off

Alejandra has been deaf since birth, but speech therapy has helped her to integrate herself into mainstream education


Mobile eye camp in rural Guatemala

Byron's sight problems were solved after his town was visited by a mobile eye camp run by a CBM partner


Not only vision, but self esteem improved

Estefany was teased by her peers because of an eye condition, but after treatment ina CBM-partner clinic, this has stopped


Vision loss leads to wheelchair dependence

Fidelia, responsible for her family, saw a bleak outlook for the future until a CBM-sponsored eye operation helped


Family garden helps child recover from depression

Manuel, from Bolivia, became depressed after his mother was hospitalised, but a family garden has helped him recover



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