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Real life stories

Christine's Story

Christine’s visual impairment had caused her right eye to become painful and she would had to get treatment for her condition


Tadi's Story

Tadi is from Harare and had a difficult time growing up having to accept her HIV status and at the same time manage the discomfort caused by her painful ears.


Try and Tri Again

Achieved her goal of finishing a triathlon, becoming the first South African female para-triathlete to complete an event using just her arms


Tatenda Mafuta Story

Tatenda Mafuta was born with spina bifida, but it doesn’t limit her mobility or crimp her joy for life.


Anishah Masaire Story

Anishah Masaire wants to be a pilot, but for now she’s happy pushing her wheelchair between classes at a school


Hope Ranganayi Story

Sitting in a wheelchair doesn’t keep Hope Ranganayi from meeting new people


Nirina’s Story

Nirina is a 39 year-old woman who lives in one of the poorest neighbourhoods of Antananarivo


Improve the lives of people with disabilities

Zo's main goal is to help people with disabilities solve their problems and conquer the challenges they face


Girls father works hard to continue her education

Rindra is a 13 year-old Malagasy girl who was unfortunately born deaf into a life of poverty


Prince wants to be included

Prince has cerebral palsy and although he can’t walk or crawl he wants to show people he is capable


Yolata wants to be independent

Yolata has osteomyelitis and although the infections threatens to take over her whole body, she wants to be independent


Peter gets a new hearing device

Peter, from Zambia, has been able to communicate more and more by using hearing aids - here, he receives a new device from CBM-supported Beit-CURE Hospital


Mandimby makes history

Mandimby eventually achieved her goals, making history in the process. Her dream is to continue studying, even abroad...


Poverty impedes progress

Marius and his brother and sister suffer from drepanocytosis, a form of anaemia, and were raised by their grandmother


It’s not just about academics

Niry is a young boy who not only learns how to communicate at the Institute for the Deaf but is learning practical skills that make his parents proud


Saved from abuse

After a difficult childhood, Pita has been rehabilitated into mainstream society


Working together for the better

Harisoa and Herman love attending the Institute for the Deaf in Madagascar, despite the economic hardships


Combining studies and family life

Hortense is hard of hearing. She lives in Antsirabe, Madagascar and is succeeding at the Institute for the Deaf after a difficult childhood



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