Healthy ears to communicate better


Health professionals and community health workers along with our partners were trained on primary ear care in Burkina Faso.The training took place in Ouagadougou from 8 to 10 October 2014 and WHO manuals were used to train on Primary Ear and Hearing Care.

Empowering specialists and community health professionals to provide quality ear care

Nine health representatives took part in this training session. The session was provided to reinforce the capacities of a pool of professionals and community health workers in the domain of ear and hearing care. The team of facilitators of the session consisted of the International Ear Advisor from CBM, the Senior Advisor in Education, a visiting doctor from Spain as well as doctors from the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Yalgado Ouedraogo and from the Employees Health Office.

Participating in the reduction of deafness cases in Burkina Faso

After this training session, the group will now be involved in organising similar sessions for other members. Health professionals will organise further training sessions, and community health workers will be disseminating information about ear care and raising awareness on how to avoid deafness. 
In this way health professionals and community health workers will contribute to preventive measures leading to better ear care, which in turn will contribute to a reduction in hearing related cases in Burkina Faso.