High-Level Political Forum - The point of view of an Egyptian organisation

Ms. Margrit Saroufim - Local Development Senior Manager CEOSS (Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services) talks about the potential impact of the HLPF.

One of the major goals of CEOSS work is “ improving the living conditions of people with disabilities by building Community Based Inclusive Development models, to enhance Socio-economic, cultural and civil rights, in parallel with working at the national level in order to support DPOs in Egypt to advocate for their rights to create and issue national policies that assist persons with disabilities in obtaining their rights”. 

Against that background, CEOSS recognises the positive aspects in supporting Egyptian DPOs and umbrella organisations (platform organisations for persons with disabilities) to participate in the process of SDGs implementation at the national level in addition to gain new knowledge regarding the draft of the national progress reports.

There were, however, some gaps in the process, mainly due to time limitation for discussion of the governmental report with DPOs and the Egyptian forum of persons with disabilities (social movement), lack of capacity building interventions for DPOs at country level to enhance their ability for more involvement monitoring and giving feedback in the process of national implementation and progress of the 2030 Agenda.

The major expectations after the HLPF will be an increased intervention opportunity for Egyptian DPOs and the umbrella organisations on the monitoring process of SDGs national implementation. There is hope for building partnership with the assigned focal point of the Egyptian government in SDGs implementation and monitoring and having opportunities to exchange knowledge with the other members from HLPF.