Ultra-modern outpatient department inaugurated in Kenya


Celebrating 20 years of partnership in Kenya through the opening of an Ultra-Modern Out Patient Department.

CBM provided the opportunity for AIC Cure International Hospital to construct an ultra-modern Outpatient Department (OPD) that will provide care for over 10,000 children a year and perform over 2500 surgeries a year according to current estimates. The department will provide services to conditions ranging from club foot, cleft lip and palate, curvature of the spine and disabilities stemming from polio, cerebral palsy, burn contractures, and other congenital abnormalities. The hospital provides prosthesis and orthotics, fabricates and fits artificial limbs for those with amputations of legs and arms and also special shoes to support weak or deformed legs and feet. 

Inauguration and celebrations

The outpatient building was officially opened at a colorful ceremony on the 27th July 2018. The event coincided with 20th anniversary of existence of the institution. Later in the day, a special dinner dubbed ’shinning lights’ was hosted for the purposes of seeking partnerships and fundraising. The guest of honor at the dinner was the Deputy Vice President of Kenya Hon. William Ruto who pledged to provide his individual and government support to the hospital. The guest of honor for the day event was a nominated Member of Parliament with a disability, Hon. David Ole Sonkok.


The AIC Cure International Hospital is one of the CBM partners that seeks to transform the lives of children with disabilities through corrective surgeries. In the past 20 years, the hospital through partnership with CBM and others has performed over 40,000 corrective surgeries, reached out to over 800,000 with the gospel, trained 12 orthopedic surgeons, reached out to over 245,000 patients and distributed over 10,000 mobility devices. Due to their extensive country wide coverage with outreach activities, community dialogue to raise awareness on matters disability and other mobilization strategies, there has been increased demand for the orthopedic and rehabilitation services. The need to expand the outpatient department became inevitable.